Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Buffetting : Frienemy

Or not, but I couldn't come up with any other suitable portmanteau for this situation.

Apparently I have a long friend from my drama class didn't support the idea of the very existence of homosexuality, claiming that its definitely not God's agenda, as He made Man and Woman.

I gave him my piece of mind.

He wasn't as radical as I thought he would be, and he stated that we have our differences so it was meaningless to venture into an endless vortex of debate.

So back just half an hour ago, he dropped in a chat by my chat box, to my surprise. We rarely spoke back in the drama class, only for class purposes because he was in the OTHER gang. So him saying hi proactively is different.

He apologized for stating his difference in opinion, which I personally think is not necessary because people have different stands. We sound them, so that the other can comprehend and assimilate, whether if they accept it is a different idea. I guess he took it quite personally.

And we head on catching up and he said he didn't want the discussion to sabotage the friendship we have "wayyyy back", which we did go. He'd actually wanted another discussion over tea next time, which was quite ironic. 

Anyway, then it went to this:

It's weird because I had never been admired before, not after what I've done and who I am. 

But it came purely because I pursued DVM which he wanted to. He ended up in Accounting but he was happy with in. Honestly, I ended up in DVM in a very accidental way, but it's definitely the best thing ever happened to me.

So the whole conversation led down to us sharing our views on animal welfare and also how he should consider a masters in DVM.

It's weird because the whole stand of debaters in opposing team ended us up with a new common interest. I guess that's how the business people out there get things done. 

I should keep in contact, because he's one hell of a good  person, spiritual wise and work wise. Who knows, he might be one of my investors in the future right?


  1. hahaha arguments like this, tell me about them, I've encountered endless. But he's different so I think its good u gave him a fair go! After all, u two ended up on agreeing on animal welfare and stuff! = ) Why disagree when u can agree! = ) the world can be a simpler place this way

  2. Haha, but we had to disagree before we actually did agree! Apparently this happened to me with one of my other coursemate also. Guess that's how the whole dynamic is playing with our heads XD

    I get boiled up with arguments because I'm very competitive, but sometimes I wish I'm steady enough to hold back by 5 secs to assimilate and digest again before I snipe XD

  3. Wa, are you from debate team? Nice debate btw.

    admire by frienemy.. sounds not so sincere to me. But if it is, then good for you.

    1. No lah, I wasn't from debate team, but I thoroughly enjoy them. The thing is I don't perform well in a real debate team and setting, when if its casual debate I do exceptionally well. So weeeeird.

      haha his admiration was towards me taking vet, but he wasn't an enemy to begin with lah, its like there ain't any other word to explain the situation

  4. Friends are the best spiritual asset

  5. He's a nice guy but I recall him putting a Facebook status once about how he missed the good old days when it was politically correct to be homophobic. Closeted tendencies?

    1. Yea sometimes it might be ya know? People tends to have the sudden phobia towards certain things they fear they themselves might become of.

      Closeted but homophobic towards thyself, high possibilities.