Thursday, September 27, 2012

Buffetting : Hero

Update before the main topic:

Finally done with my first task as the faculty's Student Rep, by running all over faculty and campus to get the freaking Kad 1 Siswa for the guys. It was a hassle trying to get my OWN batch's name, because they were all busy with pete knows what, but in the end, only a fraction get because the other 3 quarter haven't got their matriculation number registered under the MOHE.

So now its back to what a beauty porcine production can get, and how sexy sows are when they produce piglets.

Another update, apparently C is definitely not the one I'm looking for.

A word I would put it today, bitchy a lil, and quite dominant.

I mean, we were discussing over managerial culture and how environments affect an organization, low and behold where the mighty C drops in telling everyone what to do. It's good to have initiative to lead the group, its totally a good sign. But I think C became a lil over excited and dominant over this assignment.

But C mentioned that "it's okay to not take this seriously though." What the heck? Whether if its a core course or not, I wish to take all assignments seriously, as serious as it gets to get me an A or a good grasp of the subject.

So chemistry? Na ah. Greets me here and there and all, but its all going to be over after this sem. Period.

And how did Hero came into the picture? The fact that my management lecturer is an awesome Party Queen explains it all. We were talking about how manages should be able to inspire, and she told us about how she got inspired by her heroes, her dad and her lecturer in Management Research back in uni days. I'm pretty sure, my lecturer herself has became a hero herself for numerous students, including me. Damn she's so cool her retirement plan was to be a party planner, and she's a Muslim. How cool can she get kan?

I flashed my head, thinking of who were my heroes. Sadly my parents haven't managed to inspire me as much when I was young. The thing that I've always learned is to not follow their footsteps in various stuffs, though my family is pretty well established and nurtured.

Living through times when the parents were busy with their work, and being the eldest son assuming various positions in the house or at school, I've learned to not depend on people too much.

"You want to get something done right, you do it yourself." Dr Sumitha Sugneeselan.

Dang this university lecturer of mine for animal agriculture totally changed and opened up my views in life, as well as being a vet. She surely has became one of my heroes. Having practicals with her in my current ruminant production was really fun, because once you are in good terms, and not be defiant in any nature, she's good with you. PS: She totally loved our group in the practical class!

So my parents pretty much didn't inspire me in anyways unlike others whom have claimed how their parents became a concrete role model to follow. They weren't the best speakers because they referred to me for English correction. They weren't the best computer man because they asked me to settle almost ALL computer related faults. They were okay teachers in cooking, prayers' ritual, common folklore and all, but these never seemed to be any part which inspire me to be anything like them.

In fact, I would like to be anything BUT them. Weird, its like I have this weird disconnection with my own parents, when other people clearly have strong ones with theirs.This makes me feel like I'm a bastard or something.
never really liked this show. too complicated

Another hero I had in my life was my Form 6 chemistry teachers, as well as my MUET teacher. Though they may be government servants, but they sure heck enjoy life and luxury with their other half cashing in money. With good royalties, Mercedes-Benz car to school, a semi-D landed property, I'd say they did pretty well. What inspired me was how good they were in their subjects, and how good they were able to deliver it. I find delivering and presenting information to other parties really fascinating and crucial.

One day, my part-time job may even be a lecturer, in a Medical School. My short term dream is to tell the medical students in Malaysia how they wouldn't have survived without the very existence of vets. Medical students out there, nothing personal to you, but to the ones who are making the jump into band-wagons.

So I do have heroes, but sadly they aren't my parents. Who were yours?


  1. Never had any heroes :) I'm my own!

  2. Weird! When I was first asked I thought so too, like I did everything on my own for myself. But I've got to have a spark of inspiration from somewhere, hence, the lecturers and teachers~