Monday, September 10, 2012

Buffetting : Back once more

I literally uttered "I Love You" the day I set foot in the premise.

It was the place I've finally learned what's life.

There were still professors telling me I totally should have stayed in medicine, but my subconscious begged to differ, HARD.

The past week have been nothing but busy, and there's so many to catch up.

I was confirmed that I am definitely not following my previous coursemate's time table for our courses.

Well, I have had the prep that I needed 6 years to complete my course.

However, I wasn't expecting a disheartening as painful as this.

Well, I guess all I can do is buckle, and start putting in effort to my current matters.

I'm back, and I'm definitely on a roll.


  1. Welcome back! Hope u will be staying longer than a year this time. Make it 5 if possible =D hehe

  2. All the best... your heart knows best =)

    best of luck~

    1. I hope so.

      Need tonnes of them right now, trust me.