Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Buffetting : Break, and the world being small

With all the weird course registration glitches as well as the endless trips and meetings for the upcoming activities, I'm surprised I actually have an hour or two after my Management class to blog.

Crap, I've yet to start working on my academics on a full, concrete concentration since Monday, and the first week is flying by right now.

The first week up till now was really transitional because of the new stuffs I'm getting back after the 1 sem deferment from the university.

My housemates are now different and I'm living with my seniors, with one of the bloggers at my side panel being one of them. No more pants stripping at night with screams, no more crazy housemates moments.

Of course the seniors are nice and we talk about stuffs, they are so much more dependable and matured compared to my housemates before, but nothing beats the housemates whom I explored my first semester with.

So the university is indeed SMALL, apparently. Even being the largest university running in Malaysia, I still bump into people I'd never imagined I would in my current class.

I am required to take up a management course in my curriculum structure as an elective, with the faculty strong insistence for Pete's know reasons, and somehow I managed to select the timeslot which was reserved for the Industrial Design students, without me noticing it at all. I'd only figured the timeslot was perfect.

The weird thing is, I somehow bumped into C, a Siamese-Malaysian, someone I've seen whose profile kept popping at the right column of the social network all the time, and whom also the senior who blogs knows.

It was weird because I didn't see it coming, I've only managed to notice C's snipe after a while I've settled in the class, towards my direction.

Heck everyone in the class was sniping at me because they totally have no idea who the hell am I, being from the Vet Fac and all. But C sniped quite a few time, probably because my active postings on the senior's walls.

The feeling was weird because of the overwhelming friendliness the guys from the class, from all races, especially his "snipes". Friendly ones of course. We did, share a few glances over the bare naked air.

But Logic-Tempus says its time to live in the present moment and concentrating on what I have seek, instead of what pops into my life. So Passionate-Tempus, stay back.


  1. Wait... Did I read it wrongly, or did sparks fly between you and a classmate?

    1. I wouldn't say it went as far as sparks. Probably just glances because we saw each others' profile in FB. Oh well. I doubt I'm that alluring.

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