Thursday, September 20, 2012

Buffetting : Social life

I can't believe how socially active I get once I'm away from the house!

For the past 3 months in the house and the parents' company, I barely came in contact with anyone other than the co-workers or company associates, and the social network friend adding accountability is close to zero per week.

In contrast, I've managed to meet at least 50 new personnel whom I am actively engaged with on daily basis upon semester commencement. This is just crazy.

And so it was the buddy revealing night, and dang I was such a good masker my buddy totally had no idea who I am in the letters we commuted with.

In fact, there were 2 other juniors who thought I was their buddy because 1 actually noticed I hit the gym while another related me to "something sweet" because of my name which somehow was patented onto a famous ice cream franchise.

So I ended with a feminine gift, in which the buddy claimed that I should be able to attract more female, because of the scent the perfume propagates.

And apart from the faculty matters, I am also dealing with people from other faculties because of my weird courses taken, which I am not complaining because I get to meet more people.

Apparently C and I became in a same group for our future assignments in the management class.

Heck it was so so so awkward when the lecturer announced my name, signing me as the group's leader and C's name after mine.

It's just weird because of the nature of how our relationship started, and I can actually add C or have C's number via routes officially without the requirement of ice-breaking.

A sign? May be not. It's just the hormones, like what I've learned from ethology later of the day.

The last social circle would be the student body.

Somehow I begin to doubt my choice to participate in the election because of its engine on how it is driven. What's worse is when your coursemates are left in an extremely awkward position when there are 4 candidates of the same year going for 2 places.

A few pulled out from the team I've formed for my campaign because they wish to stay neutral, which is fine by my calling because its unfair to keep them in a siding-position, which really damages the morale and unity of the class we have formed last Vet Camp.

However, I somehow feel as lonely as ever, because I can never have anyone whom I can speak to regardless. I thought I've found a good circle here, but apparently I might have some faults, because the gang have their lives and priorities, and putting stress on them because of my matter after their volunteering in aiding me is just not right.

The ones who pulled out seemed to be pulling themselves apart from me, dodging conversation possibilities.

Maybe I shouldn't have been too ambitious or persistent in this?

Or I should just let it be and work harder?

I'm just so lost right now, because I have everyone yet no one to talk to.


  1. Takes a while to make a good friend. You will find them nonetheless!

    1. I don't know. I never knew how pathetic my life can get only in extreme conditions. It's like I'm bare naked right now.