Saturday, September 1, 2012

Buffetting : The Contrast

It takes only 2 days for me to feel different around the house.

It was as if I became a different person by leaving the house to do something I'd wish to do without having me worrying a phone call for another familial duty.

Of course, it was all residential duties in the college, but it was something I've volunteered, and was willing to do.

It's something my mind actually works automatically to it.

I can never do something which I have no put myself into, while I go all out, up to 200% to things that I have decided to put myself through.

It's a certain trait I've developed over the years in the 6th Form. I have no one to be responsible over something important except for myself, hence no one to blame if anything goes wrong.

Hence, the 200% output.

I guess I'm the type that as long as I do things which I like, nothing else really matter much anymore. As well as a good period of alone time.

 So almost everything is settled now, the only I need to get used to is staying with seniors now. Apparently there's some changes and systematical glitches, so I have to abide to whatever I'm subjected to.

With a legal car sticker with me, I guess it shouldn't be a problem.

Looking forward to my new semester, and also a 4.0 cgpa if possible.


  1. Welcome back to the uni. Aim for the highest =)

    1. You bet I am. Academically and co-curriculum wise