Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SPCA Penang Practical Day 4

It's Thursday and the last day we had 7 of us in our group running the SPCA.

Today was the first day I left the kennel station, and headed into the cattery, and dang cattery is SO MUCH MORE RELAXING, like I've stated in the first practical post.

It is fun working in all stations, but heck working in the kennels, especially the pups' ones seriously took its toll on my knees.

Spent the rest of the day sorting out meds for the dogs and cats, going rounds like a vet in a clinic would to pill them down, and sorting out which dog needs special requirement or extra dosages of meds compared to other healthy dogs.

Spent the day taking pictures too! As Polar bear ain't going to be around for the next 2 days, since family calls.

As for dinner on SPCA Penang Practical day 4, Gurney Drive!

Drove there, obviously. Had to dodge a few nutsy Penangite drivers, but parking around the roundabout was rather easy, and fast.

Being the signature drive for food, of course the whole area was packed with people, be it locals or travelers. As for practical students like us, well, we've got to be smarter in masking our accents so we don't get conned easily, though nothing close to that actually did happen.

Some of the stores were having doubles of themselves, but quality of food however varied. As compared to the food we had for the past few days from various places, somehow the food in Gurney Drive was surprisingly disappointing. There wasn't really much of a breathtaking moment as compared to that of the Fried Oyster in Jalan Rangoon, or the food we had in the subsequent posts.

Nevertheless, let the pictures do the talking.

group picture with the staffs! a great gang to work with!

3 must-cat-ears.

Oh I almost forgot! We actually wondered around some mall which I totally forgot the name, but when we headed out of the entrance there was this 3D art thingy on the front porch which was quite good!

Amazing Neighbor Spidey 3D-fied. It's more convincing if you were there though.

because angles matters.

Good job The One Academy. 

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