Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Buffetting : Put It Into Perspectives

My new vet I met in the clinic I'm having practical is all about perspectives. He doesn't mind it if someone have a different stand, and he is ALL about discussing the differences than to shove it under the carpet. Something which I like.

The thing is,when I start to discuss with people, and the whole thing gets intense, people tends to just shut themselves up when I'm around explaining my stand. I find that a lil, disturbing. As if I'm dominating and being very self-centered. This doc made it so fun and very much critically analyzing in all discussions we have from A to Z, from pornography to children upbringing. Yea I know.

Do you know how important porn is to us vets for us to differentiate between vulva, vagina and what's coming with it?

Guess I have to overcome some traumas.

Anyway, perplexing food for thoughts: oops:

Question: When you are about to leave the planet because its going to consume itself, and you have a spaceship which can only fit a specific amount of people. List down the people from different professions whom you will take with you according to preferences 1 as in most important, and subsequent ones as follow. Remember, you are going to a new planet.

What's yours? We shall discuss it here after you've posted your answer.


  1. 1. Engineers
    2. Botany Scientist
    3. Doctors
    4. Bear Grylls

    Lol.. I have no idea.. No lawyers.. haha

    1. So when you list these down, you'd actually put engineers as the most important profession in the world, subsequently the ones follow.

      MY list would have been:

      1- Farmers
      2- Botany Scientist/Agriculturists/ =Veterinarians
      3- Engineers
      4- Doctors.

      I'll explain in subsequent posts!

  2. Since it gonna be new planet that we know nothing about, the most important person will be someone that could determine the survivability of human in that particular the 1st would be someone in the line of:-

    1) zoologist + biologist + geologist + botanist..a little of everything
    2) engineer
    3) microbiologist + bacteria + virologist

    And I dont really think doctor will be that important since it gonna be new planet, so the disease that u gonna encounter will be relatively different..the knowledge that they possessed will be almost no be more important to have someone that can analyze

    1. a lil of anything wouldn't cut! should be more specific laaaaaaa

      i guess your list is almost the same as mine! doctor wouldn't be VERY necessary to me, because keeping the population healthy is more important than one individual.

      haha my vet did this on me to see how critical we can think in different perspectives. it was so much fun working with him!