Sunday, July 8, 2012

Buffetting : Movies and Thoughts

Finally I've actually had the time to catch up with some of the unwatched movies I copied from my mates in university last 2 semesters. Gosh I must have been freakin busy.

That's not it, I'm used to multitasking, but watching series while I multitask is fine, a movie however requires, well more attention.

So I whipped up and hit on The Tooth Fairy(TTF) and Water For Elephant(WFE).

And dang, these movies hit me HARD.

Dwayne in TTF was a bitter man, because he lost his stardom have he got put off the team due to his shoulder trauma. After that incident, he faces reality without the room for dreams to enter his life, or even his fans', his family's.

Somehow, I relate to that a lot.

When people dreamed, and they speak of it to me, I always, like ALWAYS ask them to face the facts and reality. Because it hurts so much, and if one doesn't prepare for it, one fall really hard if one had high expectations. One really needs to do intensive research, preps and analysis before one decides what his future resides. One false move, one false hope and it can bring you down, obliterate you.

I guess my past experiences with my life, or strictly my academics have taught me that.

Nevertheless, I do not exactly have the right to ask people to give up their dreams because life haven't been too nice on me.

Maybe I should seek for my dream. People ask me of my dreams, and I have no answer. So what exactly am I living for now?

Next up WFE, my my, Robert Pattinson did so much better in this movie than in, pfft, Twilight. Seriously, Twilight fans out there, you have some serious problem liking the movie. WFE relates to me very strongly because Jacob the protagonist is a vet student just like me. The whole movie revolved around man's welfare vs animal welfare, a lot, and it took part in the Depression.
I used to hate him in Twilight, but now I've realized he's not bad at all!

Imagine the same crisis hit the world again in a few years' time, and I might face the similar problem, without me being in the circus of course.

But the movie did taught me one important thing, which is animals do understand humans.

We just have to look for the best language to speak to them.

 In the movie this was portrayed literally because Rosie, the elephant in the star attraction comprehended German, while the circus owner had to stab her before he knew this to make her move.

As a vet student, and a vet to be, this movie had a real impact on me at some point. Even throughout the movie I was thinking about the animals involved in the production; were they being abused at any rate, were they being compromised, forced this and that. Geez, I might be attaining the all-work and no-play syndrome soon.

I don't think I shall hit the spoilers here, you guys who wants the movies can comment and I might be able to thumb-drive them to you.

The point is, I really need to find my dream right now. I feel like I'm a 40 years old loser inside me while I'm just only 21 in the outside, soon to be 21 that is.

One becomes older when one stops to dream.

Dang. And I should really start minding my own business.

I need to know that others can be at good terms with the ones they choose to be, even when the ones aren't at good terms with me.

I need to learn how to stop try to get involved into others' life, or trying to fit in, when there's nothing we have in common.

I need to learn how to expand my circles of my current and future horizons, even if its only work related, in this case veterinary related.

And I need to start dreaming again.

Wish me luck. Future postings on practicals coming soon.


  1. If u haven't, try to watch 'A beautiful mind'...

    dream and hope..think those two that have been pushing me forward a lot after high school

    1. and how the heck u gonna thumb-drive the movies to anyone who want it??????? LOLLLL =P

    2. hmm, when i have the time, again. practical over means my sucky life takes over. shit, i have till september to endure.

      thumb-drive only la. gimme thumb drive, i save and give it to you lol!

    3. hahaahaha...pity u..2 months of been full-time driver and unpaid worker =P LOLLLLL

      Enjoy ur 'holiday' while it lasts..I'm getting pretty busy nowdays..sometimes I did miss life after graduation a bit..the constant of doing nothing..hahaa

    4. ugh, today was the worst I'm telling you. I literally walloped up a chicken myself to destress.

      well, i didn't exactly miss the long break. getting into vet school was like a life savior, and life's miracle. I think i'd enjoy being a busy bee more

    5. wahhhhh....that did sound like a stressful day for u..hpw big was the chicken??look like u need to triple ur workout to burn it back..haha

      yeah...for some, study period is the only time where they can get away from their boring life and into something more meaningful

    6. ayamas rm24.90 big. oh well, its all protein so not much a biggy

      true! i love getting on my feet, as long as its something i care about and really wants to do. its all in the mind. i hate it, i flunk it.

  2. havent watched any of those. heck. havent even got time to go online. let alone read blog. or read news... sucky life here too...

    1. gosh we have disconnected for FAR TOO LONG! It's my fault I know, but ugh can't help it.

      I understand how sucky HOship will be, heck I had a piece of vet clinic and it ain't no joke! 15 min for lunch and its all work!

      But these movies are REALLY old. we need time out!