Sunday, July 29, 2012

Buffetting : Getting into the Circle

We all live in circles. All of us.

Well, unless you are a solo backpacker who have no one else but you, yourself and you again in your life.

So it has been close to 3 months that I've confirmed my re-enrolment back in the vet school.

The weird thing is, its like vets out there are starting to add me as friend in the social media, without prior meeting with me in person.

Or did they have me mixed up with someone else?

The catch is, the faculty is downright small. Everyone knows everyone, I think. Of course for freshmen like me barely know all the lecturers, or the seniors yet, let alone those who have graduated before me enrolling.

And so far I have had like, probably 3 to 4 requests from people I know who are in the field?

The decision to add or not makes quite a hard impact because of the field's small circle. I can land myself either into really hot water or opportunity of fortune depending on my judgment and decision.

But as for now, I've decided to just accept them and who knows, I might be granted access to various opportunities and broader spectrum of the field.

Talking about circle, I'm almost done trying fit into another.

I guess I just have to accept the fact that I'm doomed to solo-man-land until I can really pull off what I'm subjected to right now.

It's just too much to handle these unnecessary stresses, with the family trying to make me more neurotic that they did.

Day by day I see myself stepping into a much darker person.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me?


  1. maybe try to open up a little bit let it develops and see where it takes u...if it leads too much trouble, just close it again and pretend it never happens...if not, all is well =)

    1. hmm, maybe this shall work well then. Ugh gosh, sometimes I'm just too tired to get these stuffs working on my head. Like the whole family is not giving me enough migraine already.

  2. Having people from the same field is okay i guess? I mean you get to share experiences and all..

    And to the other circle you are talking about.. Hugs!! =DD

    1. Yea, but sometimes they seemed too out of my league too. Yet, the lecturers I learn from are also in the similar case.

      Yea, well... I'd figure I should just let this one last torturing month pass.

  3. you're just finding your little niche in your own circle. vets are a small community, so it's good to build bridges whenever you can.

    happy to know that you're "back home" in UPM.

    1. probably. It's funny how the much more higher in seniority individuals are taking the initiative than me, or were they only interested in getting more friends count in their social network account? Let's hope its for a better outcome.

      Yea, thank goodness. It was indeed the toughest ride I've ever had. Worse than all the past interviews for med school added up together.