Friday, July 13, 2012

Buffetting : SPCA Practical Day 3 to 6??!

Cause I was lazy to jot down.

Naah, cause everything is pretty much covered in the first 2 posts. The later days were really shuffling duties around and getting used to the animal husbandry.

Clinical Husbandry:
Gauging Dog's Age- Dogs, similar to human can be gauged in their earlier years by looking into their teeth. The crucial period to determine is if the pups are more then 6 months of age. The baby teeth of pups start to fall off on the 4th month after birth, and subsequently the emergence of their fore teeth. Byt the 6th month, the canine teeth emerge. The best ways to gauge is to look at canine teeth, as some baby teeth might remain intact even after 6 month of age.
had a abandoned 10 years old Shih Tzu in the house today. Tough guy, lesions all over.

The days were the same, but the nights were different!

Monday and Tuesday were just dining by sight, because we totally have no eye-dear what to eat.

And thanks to Big Sis for "pissing" us off, we kinda cornered her into treating us a steamboat buffet.

"You come all the way to Penang island for STEAMBOAT?!!!"-- Big Sis

Yes we did. SPCA Practical Day 3 Dinner: Macalister Road Steamboat cum Hotplate Buffet

Actually, we wanted to have it on Tuesday itself, when we strolled along Jalan Rangoon for food. But unfortunately the whole place was closed for Pete knows reason, we had to subside to Penang's Hawker Food again. Jalan Rangoon's Fried Oyster was good! No picture sorry, wasn't exactly in cam-cam mood that night. But I do have the ones for this buffet!

This place was a BARGAIN. Seriously. Even the KFC Dinner plate we had in the afternoon seemed to be overpriced when we paid for the bill.

On regular week day basis, the charge for adults was only RM20.90.
With student card, Rm17.00
KFC Dinner Plate+Cheesy Wedges, RM15.00.

You do the math.

So, cheap stuff no good stuff right?

Apparently we were quite wrong.

Of course, you can't be expecting crabs and abalone and all. For Rm17.00, the range they served was very decent!

Apart from the normal steamboat regulars, the place actually have a Char Kuey Teow free flowing, not to mention drinks, dessert, skewer station, and wait for it, DIM SUM.

HELLO! Dim Sum buffet in Steamboat buffet! Fine the Crystal Prawn Dumplings weren't exactly 5 stars, but it was really a bargain! Especially for mammoth size dieters.

I think they are the leftover from the Dim Sum session they run in the morning, I think; but the flow was endless, which made me think otherwise. I didn't have the time nor space in my tummy to try out ALL the Dim Sum served, but with steamboat and hot plate buffet distracting me, Dim Sum was the last thing I wanna have.

The whole point was to enjoy the fact that we WERE there for the session, whether or not the food was Greek-God rated didn't matter to us. Spending time with people who you can connect best, was really the fun part and bliss.

Verdict: STUFFED.

The hot plate runs on aluminium foils, but you can always ask for more from the counter, and the workers there were super friendly and nice! Had a great time there!

I will update on Day 4 to 6, but prolly just the food entries with minimal SPCA related. Kill me, but I think I've summarized most of them in the 1st and 2nd post. Overdoing things I know.

Pups of the day!

Oreo and Cocoa! Too bad Oreo had to go over the rainbows this week, heavily infected I heard.

May the happiness he brought to us in that short period of time granted him suffice karma to be reborn into a better state next life.


  1. Rm17 for buffet!!!???what the cheap la..not easy to find such cheap price anymroe for buffet =D

    i dont mind food up more XD

    1. yea i know right?! apparently penang is the food heaven in which pricing of food comes in pretty low! No wonder people makan makan makan all the way.

    2. and comes back bigger than ever =P LOLLLLLL as long u know the right place i think...if not, it still could be pretty expensive..

    3. yea everyone did! my appetite was like 0 when i went there, when im back oh emm gee 100. Die.

      yea you've got to explore! if u follow bloggers and all, especially those reviewers and all, sometimes they rip off lor.

  2. Great for parties and gatherings!

    1. It is! Quite the bustling place to be, though the ventilation can kick up a notch.

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