Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buffetting : SPCA Practical Day 5

It's finally Friday! Gosh time passed really fast when you'd actually enjoy doing things that you love.

Even more when you are accompanied by people you really care for.

Which reminds me of, somehow I connect with my friends better than my family.

Oh well, back to the practical.

 So Polar Bear had to go back to Kuching earlier on in the morning, and we since the flight was on 7 in the morning, we had to like send him there on 5am. He was like some Dato that morning, since the whole lot had to wake up at 4.30 to send him over to the airport in Bayan Lepas, and me as the driver, of course.

Thank goodness we chose to drive over earlier, with zero experience driving around the island, having no cars on the highways towards the airport was a blessing. One thing I've learned about Malaysia, even in Penang, signboards still suck. Surprisingly PapaGo(not MamaCome) has been a good aid for us.

Slept again for another 2 hours after dropping Polar Bear, we headed over to SPCA for the 5th day.

Somehow, we managed complete our work with only 6 person on hand, even faster than normal. We had to stall till 11am before we complete our work before this, but today we managed to settle everything even before 10am.

Probably because we are much earlier today, while the Abang from SPCA helped us a lot with the high pressure sprayer they sent for repair days before.

Anyhow, I guess the main reason is because we are already used to the work around the place, after switching the stations and all. With that, we had more time to socialize with the dogs, as well as picking up names for antihistamines, antibiotics and different drugs.

Time flew by faster that day since lunch was at 12.30pm, and we had Pork Confetti for lunch!

The stall was more like a house compound over a lot by itself, very traditional place for food hospitality. Come to think of it, most of the lots around Penang had the same concept, its just that we need to get the right place.

Kinda forgot the street of the place, but its very close to the CIMB in Jelutong, a wooden house stall opposite the Restaurant Grand Sea.

The portion was quite hearty! I totally loved the confetti and gosh the yam rice was a die for! 10 times better than the same food I had for in the first day. This stall, was indeed really good.

RM 9 for a 2 person's serving, with 2 bowls of yam rice was quite reasonable, and because it was that good the price of it seemed so trivial!

With the older vet coming over on Friday, we had to get back earlier to avoid, well, the phail punctuality impression. I even had to put on my coveralls because he was known to not liking the improper dress codes of practical students. I love working in shorts and sleeveless you see.

Well, I've gradually explained the experience with the vets in the earlier post, but the older vet, also the father of the previous, is quite the "pattern"-ified.

Being with more chinese in our group, I automatically converse in Mandarin over any other languages during the whole lot of practical. I spoke in English with the staffs, of course, but they were fine with us speaking to each other with the language which we are comfortable.

However, the vet caught me off guard.

Vet: Who spoke in Chinese just now?

Me: Me.

Vet: Why?

Me: Because it just came out.

Vet: Why did it just came out?

Me: Because it was natural.

Vet: From Chinese school is it?

Me: Was, in my primary years.

Vet: You should practice speaking in English more now. When else to practice if you don't start now?

Criminy. I was trying to make it easier for the others to work. I mean, to avoid misunderstanding and all.
Whined a lil to Sea and got him apologizing to me instead. Now to think of it, should have been more matured than to find someone to blame, or to whine to.

*gasp* Max EXPOSURE!

Anyway, later on everything went well and all. Had some vet-to-vet chat, advices and all.

"Be proud and look up high to what you are going to do for the world in the future."

All these vet pep talks are somehow quite awakening. Though I have this senior of mine who keep on telling me now to stay in the current course for the current university. Probably because he got some problem with the university's recognition and working in foreign countries and all. I do have some worries of this, but I think I will still be of upper hand as compared to my friends who are venturing into medicine in 5 years' time.

Dinner for SPCA Penang Practical Day 5: Pasar Malam Jelutong
Known as the longest Pasar Malam street on the island, the whole area was flooded with people and WTHELL CARS by the clock strikes 7pm.

I was anticipating a lot for this night market experience, after hearing about how good it "should" be from Kogi in SPCA.

Well, first off there was no stopping the Penangites from driving through the streets flooded with human and stalls, and heck one even knocked my hand when it drove past from my back. Another reason to hate the Penang drivers.

outta sight, outta mind, but looks are deceiving.

Then its like repeating stalls, with more stalls selling utilities, accessories and clothes over food. Oh such a turn off! I want food! Why give me hanging bras and panties??!!!

The food was so so, I guess. Wasn't really in the mood because I needed more sleep to make sure I don't drive my passengers to hell literally for tomorrow's long hours travel. Heck I've even forgot what I bought that night.

Oh one thing you MUST get from this night market:

The crackers; prawn, fish, yam, sweet potato, all of em. Serious go get them, they are so good I felt to sinful after taking one bag down mahself. A packer for RM8 if I've not gotten the price wrongly, but its still worth every sen you paid for it.


  1. Why no speak chinese?? lol, my chinese is at its primary level yet i still think its an important language to learn.. ><

    1. ask the old vet haha. Its perspective really. For those who still have yet to master English, it is indeed high time. for those who are still ok, its time to polish.

      Mandarin is equally important, but noting the time to use them is quite important also I guess.

  2. Pork Confetti? That's a very interesting term to use.

    1. haha i'd figure Mixed Pork to be, too mainstream XD

  3. By the looks of it you guys had a great time! Pork confetti. I just envisioned flying pieces of pork spare parts.

    1. hahaha spare parts! Well, it was like having confetti around when we bumped into that stall because the others practically had nothing!

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