Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Buffetting : Multi-ways

Driving around Klang Valley as the driver of  the family's company has opened up multiple routes for me to reach one destination from my place with plenty of different routes.

 One example would be from Subang Jaya to UPM.

The routes would be:

1- LDP-Silk High Way with 2 tols and all the way to Hospital Serdang
2- LDP-MRR2 with 2 tols, all the way to UPM via Mines.
3- Kesas-MRR2 with 2 tols, all the way to UPM via Tasik Bandar Selatan
4- NPE-MRR2 with 2 tols, all the way to UPM via Jalan Kuchai Lama
this is cool!

Wow, I'm damn good. But of course since I'm only heading to Vet Fac, route one would be the right one out of the bunch to choose.

Unless I'm having a date or whatever in some other places, maybe I'll consider other routes in accordance to the timing and traffic condition.

Alrighty, that's all for now, updates on the last few days of SPCA Penang Practical tomorrow then.


  1. even one route can make me lost d..I'm trying to figure out the route to sunway pyramid from UPM..the fastest route since that adidas run start at 7.15 right..damn early >_<

    1. haha should be easy on a monday morning! they might have shuttle buses also so just check the site out on and off. the simplest one would be taking SILK then LDP. all the way straight.

    2. u mean sunday morning right? yeah, hopefully they got..like this, have to go out by 6 the latest

    3. yea sunday morning typo XD haha maybe! good luck coming over then! pyramid is 5 minutes away from mah place XD

  2. impressive~

    I been living in sunway for almost two years now, I dint even know the name of the roads around... >.<

    1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Your license should totally be hung like RIGHT NOW!!!! I started driving 2009, and holly molly I had to know almost every route to survive if not I'm dead meat.

      What to do, family demands.