Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buffetting : Reprising Roles

Not exactly reprising, but somehow it felt like it.

So one of the senior dropped a PM over FB asking if I'm back to the vet school for sure, and I gave him the green light.

And so he dropped a welcome gift for me:

I'm kinda elected as one of the programmers of a new game. for those who've known, I was the Personal Assistant for the Person-In-Charge of the Dog Race program, aka the most important program of the Dogathon 2011. So if I were to continue my 2nd yr without deferring one semester, I would have taken the spot for the subsequent year's Dog Race program.

Blessing in disguise I did deffer, and seriously thank goodness because being the PA last year, I know literally that the dog race prep was one hell of a crazy preparation.

You have pacaks, flags, banners, routes, hurdles lines and all shits to be prepared, plotted, put into slides, whats more you need to have time keepers, color categories, spotters, calls, walkie talkies and what not.

It was a hell job, and the senior in charge last year managed to pull it off single-handedly before I came in, and I merely aided him for the last 2 months to keep things in check. And this year he became the Co-Director of the event. Another hell  oblivion job.

So this year I'm in charge of Dog/Owner lookalike contest. It's a freakin new game, and I'm freakin handling it.

Kinda nervous because of unknown and unforeseen reception of the public. Whatsmore, the input is quite a haul too.
So readers, if you love me *I know you do* come and support the event! Who knows, we might bump into each other and we can exchange phone nos *roll eyes* and hang out a week after. Because I need myself the day after.

Clinical practical updates soon!


  1. Good luck with Dogathon! Used to attend it almost every year previously.

    AFAIK dog owner look alike.. as long as they know before hand that there is such an event, some people will come prepared and dressed in costumes, but depending on what the prizes are! =P Haha, good luck!

  2. Hope to see you there*here*wherever Dogathon's gonna be* this year!

    Hmm, most of the time the sheets do have the games and agenda printed on them while the flyer brigade goes around Klang valley distributing them, hopefully I can promote it to a certain extend then! The first prize I heard is worth RM1000 wtheck?!

    Thanks I will need lotsa them!

  3. Of course I have facebook :) Terribly active too. What's yours?

    1. Haha I do too. Actually you can see the name from the snippet I added up there. Wanted to blank off the names, but apparently I failed to make a clean state XD