Friday, June 1, 2012

Buffetting : X again

I was having the feast of the week, literally.

It was in Asia Cafe, when the family went for crabs because everyone was craving for them.

And after a hard day of work.

I never knew it was THAT hard to work around the warehouse without a forklift.

FYI, it's study break for both UPM and Monash, and since I'm neither student of both, I have no examinations to attend to.

This is the perfect reason for my parents to get me into the company's loft to help out.

Plus, my sister's having her final papers, while the company has no one else left apart from, me.

And today was the day where we had only 3 person in the loft, a broken down forklift,, and  a heck lotsa work.

200 units of 9kg ABC dry power fire extinguisher means 1.8 tonnes of work.

With only a hydraulic jack, and my own hands.

Gosh it was tough, and I had to work it all out myself. And a lil push from mom.

So after those work, we did what we did.

And I saw, X, and I skipped a heartbeat.

By the time I recall, it wasn't X at all, it was someone who looked like X, at some angles.

That person reminded me how X gives me the breathtaking moments, and I'm sure if someone out there manage to give me those feelings again, I'll fall for em.

Funny, I just remembered that I un-friended X from FB, because of the minimal contact, and also the fact that I wish and need not X to be part of my life again.

Over the years, I've learned that X ain't exactly as wonderful as I thought X would be. X wasn't THE ideal. But close enough, yet I've learned to live X out. Reasons, future posts.

True enough X did give me my first crush, but it takes a lot more to make me to fall for another, let alone fall for the same person, or at least a person similar to X.


What if that person was X?

Would I go over and greet, or I'll just ignore?

I used to be the kind who will greet who ever I'd actually think I know, but over these few years I've grown to ignore.

So would you greet em, or ignore?


  1. that is really lot of u manage with just hydraulic, eh? XD

    unless I manage to close the relationship properly with mutual understanding between us, then I dont think I will go greet

    1. The hydraulic was like any other hyd. I had to use lotsa body strength to pull those stuffs around. It was crazy.

      Not a greeter then~ haha I'm closer to that these days, though people tends to greet me instead nowadays.

  2. wow... few more months without that forklift and you helping out, another hot hunk in the making... =P


    1. honestly speaking, the driver cum store keep who worked for my mom from the day the company started till he left, was still damn hunkish on the day he left, even he was like 40++??

      too bad, i ain't helping much soon. I think I will hit the gym more once I've my free time from the company chore.