Sunday, June 10, 2012

Buffetting : Note it down

I couldn't remember when did I pick up this skill.

Probably when our teachers in elementary school first asked us to jot down homework in the special blue note pad. Heck our parents had to sign it to "acknowledge" our homework's presence.

Ugh, Chinese vernacular schools. But loved the experience there.

always hated deductive geometry

Anyway, that wasn't the exact time I'd actually embraced the whole point of noting things down.

It took me, well, 11 years to learn to put it into a good use.

Yeap, when I was in Pre-U.

It helped a lot. I was never that organized. Heck I'm impressed on how I've managed my whole study regime back then.

Although I wasn't a 4.0, sadly, but I'm sure I've gotten more than academical knowledge in the 6th form.

Anyway, back to jot it down, take a look on what I've noted before!

Whoa, look at the number of universities I'd actually applied! 

Now that's homework. Seems a lil. But each took me at least 3 hours to complete. Imagine the nerdiness.

Test DATES!!! Gosh, I totally need to dedicate posts to tests!

University have also been note it down all the way. I mean, its like there's so much you can retain in your head! But I know I'm like the body-memory type. My body remember what it does after it actually  copies the thing down to retain them. 

Directions, methods, mechanism, they all only sticks once I've did them.

So are you a note it down?


  1. You very organize loh >.<

    Good for you... keep it up =P

    1. haha a bit la. what to do, don't wanna miss out anything mar

      will do!

  2. sort of..i used to re-write back lecture note in order to remember..hahaha

    1. i try to re-organize notes into ways that I could remember instead of just copying down. that way my brain can auto-relive those words~

  3. Replies
    1. at times! doing it ALLL the time can be a hassle though!

  4. Woah, wonder what your lecture notes look like!