Monday, June 4, 2012

Buffetting : Re-start

Have you ever been at some point of your life, when you'd actually wish to have your life a go again, to change what was, into what you wish it will or was to be?

Apart from the hassle of daily work life in the mom' company, the other time I spend normally is to be at the world's favorite social network refreshing the pages till something interest pops.

Yay me the one with the tough education life. Another post, will cumulative archive links.

Anyway, I've always see Vet Med as the ticket to my new life. 

Life away from my past.

Life away from the people of my past.

Life away from things which used to haunt.

 I never really liked my life before. Sure there were good times, but what usually sticks in my head are the miseries, pettiness and bitterness.

And the people, well, they were part of my life, but no longer needed.

Looking at the pictures of the people of my past in the social network seemed to be like, wanting me to be away from them even more. And for good.

I've also thought of the idea of deactivating my account, heck if my best girl friend can do it, why can't I?

Maybe I should just create an account just to feed on info around the university where info is instant in the net. But not more than that.

I mean, its kind of pointless to actually be at presence in someone else's social network account, yet at the same time you are actually non-existence?

What am I rambling about again anyway.

Maybe I should considered deactivating the current account and creating a new one.

At least I get to leave my past, for half a decade. Can get some trails of my back.

Not getting invited to high school mates' weeding?

Not getting connected with the people who lived the prime lives?

Lived it. I think its time to move on.


  1. that's too extreme. Y would u think of that? *u already unfriend X, no need to live away from past wtf* friend that is no longer needed meant to be lost contact? waa...
    haha. just wanna tease u around.
    jz don't go too extreme.

    but deactivate fb can definitely save time. =D

    1. I'm the type who goes all out when it comes to things like these.
      I mean, I see friendship very very high up in my life priorities. If people can't even take the test of short time span in preserving the friendship, why even bother? Oh well, I guess I will elaborate more on future posts to make the readers understand better XD

      true, it definitely does! but have to keep up with some info also. FB save time in other ways also XD

  2. well, if u think u have no need for fb, then just delete it..if not, time to do some cleaning up of ur list...if they dont even care and know what happen with u, then just take them off =)

    1. Hmm, true that. I do cleanups all the time. And sometimes its like so hard to choose, because you never really know if you want the person to be out of your life for good.

      But most of the time, quite sure la.

  3. As all our lives, scrolling up and down and refreshing pages...
    But really no point deactivating la.. there are alot of people you can stay in touch on facebook.. thats my opinion la.. I dont want to take friendships for granted.. ><

    1. yea, i've actually managed to keep in touch with lots of other people I care more in my life via FB, other than the shallow ones of course. Maybe I should do a SERIOUS cleanup soon.

      If friendships weren't to be taken for granted at the first place, why wouldn't those who care preserve it?

  4. = =


    plain and simple, y need to deactivate your life (yes i equate fb with one's life) because of ppl who careless for ya? -__-

    1. i deactivate and create new one mar. then still can be active, but those who I really care for lor.

      maybe housekeeping will be a better idea i guess?

  5. Nah~ deactivating your account would not meant an end to your past.

    Its just, you get in touch with people around you by methods that have been around before facebook was even there =)

    Just be exercise caution with what you put there =)

    1. at least I will be away from it, in some certain extend. When I'm in UPM, the chances of people in the past approaching me is so much lesser.

      as for now, the main means of me connecting people around before is FB. So its like, cut it off, I cut off people from the past. It's not like I actually text them anymore.

      True that. FB is darn dangerous.

  6. I wouldn't want to get invited to a high school friend's wedding. :P

  7. I would suggest doing a massive FB clean up. =)
    Are you working now until the new sem starts? When does it start btw? Sept?

    1. Yea, did it.

      I'm just helping out my mom's company until the new staffs are being employed. 2 came in this week, another 2 more coming in next. So hopefully by the time the company shifts into the new warehouse, I wouldn't be needed there. Heck, I'm already quite redundant to be around these days, other than drivers duty which soon will be taken over once we've got one by 14th june. I probably relief right on 21st when my sis completes her examination.

      The new sem starts YES in September. How's your application going?

    2. Haha, sounds a bit sad when you say you are redundant there.. Nah, your presence is still definitely felt and Im sure your parents are able to find something for you to do. =P

      I will hear from UPU the second week of July. We'll see how it goes!

    3. redundant as in i have no work~ not that I'm complaining, but i'd rather to stay at home.

      2nd week of july? 1 more month! Do tell if we are becoming university mates! I might be even in your batch in Sem 2!