Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buffetting : Residential College

So one of my seniors was blogging about her ineligibility of retaining her stay in the college.

Our college, namely Kolej(College) 17/K17, is the 17th residential college built under the wings of UPM.

So by standard and years, its the latest and of course the newest around.

Heck it has the best residential set up yet!

I think I did mention before, but this post is dedicated for it.

Divided into 4 blocks from A to D, where guys are situated in the D block, and parts of C.

The others, female.

It's like 75% of the population is infested with girls. Gosh, HUGE difference.

Though some of my friends actually stated that:

"Wow its good! The ratio is 3:1, so you literally have NO competition for girls!"

Ugh, spoken like a true stud, Monkey.

Anyway, back to residential set up.

A block constitutes of 4 levels, and each blocks probably have 4 to 6 different wings.

So practically there's 24 vacant units, I think. Probably more. I'd never really take a good count of the number of units.

Anyway, lets go to the units, that's the best part anyway!

Each unit consists of 4 bed rooms, 1 living room and 1 bathroom with 2 showers and 2 toilets, with 1 of the cubicles combined with both shower and toilet. Hence, 3 cubicles. Oh, lets not forget the "oh-I'd-never-used-it-before" balcony, because I travel back home once every week, so laundries at home~

So 4 bed rooms, each bed room is only shared by 2 occupants only.

No overcrowding in a room.

No common bathroom*gosh that sucks to the max!*

No other races, so outings and food settled.

No other courses, making the vets even more sub-culture than they have been.

I mean, how can you NOT love the residential college?! It's prolly the best in the whole Penisular Malaysia!

So those were the plus points, now the headaches.

You are lucky when the wind hits, and the rain falls. Without it the whole unit is as stuffy as an oven with baked turkey breast in there. Unless you stay closer by the woods, where its more cooling, but more susceptible to BUGS.
WEIRD. Googled for HOT and these picture kept on popping. What happened to the literal adjective?

You are lucky you had a hot day, or you will be frozen to icicles, shivering your way in the shower when there's NO HOT WATER. But I think I can live with that. What I can't, is the occasional water shortage for Pete knows reasons. However, the pressure, its orgasmic.

You are lucky when you are pretty much immune to dengue causing mosquito bites. Our college has been labelled as the college with HIGHEST rate of dengue fever. Probably because we are so close to the Serdang Hospital, we are within walks away when we are half dead. So far I was fine from the dengue, but I had a serious case of food poisoning from the famous Old Flat.Should stick to homecook stuffs.
You are lucky if you are able to sneak in pots and electrical cooking appliances to cook for yourself, and heck even to prepare instant cup noodles. The water boiler given was like so low in its AMP, we had to wait for hours to allow it to boil, for 8 humans. The college have strict no cooking or extra voltage costing electrical appliances, but owh well we know our ways out.

You are lucky to get a car sticker to obtain free parking in the college, or you have to prepare for the wrath of the medicine faculty's rocky(literally) parking. I'm making my way in by some application, hopefully everything goes smoothly.

There are matters revolving the college which I have yet to unravel, and due to lack of time (and sleep *yawn*) I shall postpone in to another post.

PS: The merit system governs the number of occupants in the residential. All occupants are required to attain a certain number of merit ie: freshman (>40), sophomore and above(>60) . The more, the better as competition is really harsh. Getting merely 40 may not even secure you a spot. The ways to obtain merits are of different, you can participate in college activities such as drawings, events, heck even spelling bees to obtain merits. University activities such as Festival Activities, Informative Exhibitions or Sports may come with merits. As for faculty, we have Vet Sports, Dogathon and neutering projects which provides merits also.

Honestly speaking, one should be able to attain the merits for continuous residential eligibility. Though some courses are really taxing, students find it hard to attain adequate merits to sustain their rights. Like the one I've mentioned.


  1. errrrr....why sound like such a lot of works just for a place to stay?? >_< think i will stick with staying here in bangi if like that..hahaha

    when u told me to apply for college last time, the 1st thing that came into my mind is the bathroom which is always a nightmare..haha

    1. it is, because there are ground rules. but over the semester we get used to it. It's part of university life!

      haha our bathroom is GREAT, provided you have great housemates!

  2. Wow~ sounds luxurious... I had never stayed in any uni dorm's before... but I did had the good fortune of visiting some, most were by far none as good as yours... but then, no cooking? herm... how you guys gonna eat then? Food court?

    1. Haha its fine, just there are some matters we have to deal with, but still manageable.

      Yeap, food court. There are multiple food court in different areas within the campus, so if we have car we will drive over for food. Sometimes we also do call for catering services which provides food for university students. IT's good money for them.