Sunday, June 3, 2012

Buffetting : Numerology

So the parents have been attending numerology classes under the beauty center's flagship. More post on the beauty center in the future, for now the numerology class.

The class, under the ancestry of the Chinese I-Ching knowledge, allows the users to manipulate numbers in favor to their own pursuits.

Of course, pursuits without harm or damage to others.

Before manipulate numbers in our surrounding, users need to understand and know their own numbers first.

Or the number which are given, and which can't be changed.

i.e: You birthday and hour; you ID number; your university card number.

These numbers easily determine how your personality might be, and how these numbers might affect you in your life.

I would've loved to take the class, since I've always keen to the all grasping your own life kinda thing. Too bad my parents took the slot without even considering having me in the class.

So the only activity I could participate in terms of this I-Ching, is the subject of being studied.

Apparently, my birthday and ID no. reflects that I'm one heck of a stubborn person.

And that I LOVE to take charge. Hmm, explains why I love authority so much.

Anyway, the fact is, these fellas keep on giving glimpse of everything but not the whole picture.

Seriously, tell me what you wanna tell me in a whole lot, not just bit and pieces of it!

There are much to numerology can tell you within the 14 digits of the Msian ID no.

Your personality, your perception towards relationship, your natural instinct and traits, and all.

Speaking of personality, I've just noticed I took one personality test before long time ago, and it actually gauged on how I perceive relationships. This is how the results went:

一開始,你只會在心中肯定你是喜歡對方的,但是不會輕易對別人說「我愛你」這三個字,因為那對你而言是很重要的一件事,必須要考慮清楚,才可以許下承諾。 你很看重自己的感情,在投入前,總會陷入長考,思索你和對方的適合度,等到你確定那真的是你想共度一生的伴侶時,你的心就會放在對方身上,毫不動搖.

You know that you like the person quietly, but you wouldn't just put on the words of "I Love you" to anyone else easily. This is due to the fact that those three words meant more than anything else to you, and making such promise requires a substantial degree of consideration. You perceive partner relationships very heavily, and before you decide to devote and make a leap of faith, you tend to go into long period of contemplation, pondering the factors if you suit your partner. 

Once you are sure, and the person is the one, you go all out, and you never fall for another.

Kinda contradict the 2nd last post about me being a potential stud ain't it?

It's true, at some point. I knew I fell in love with Veterinary Medicine on the 1st half of the semester I spend living the life. It was all I wanted, and all I would do for the rest of my life.

If there's anything I would call love, what happened between me and Vet med was it.

I did spend a long time making decision over m future career, but vet med had an extra.

It gave me the "Can't help but to" feeling.

I wonder when would I get this feeling again?

I took 20 years for me to meet my first true love, when would the next one be?


  1. this numerology thing sounds interesting!

    1. it is! but it costs like thousands of ringgits to attend.

    2. well, maybe you can teach me from what you know!

  2. Hmm, when I went to Taiwan in 2008, we went to a place where they'd calculate our numbers too(八字). That was really accurate, I must say.

    And recently, an uncle studied my ID no.. What he said was... hmmmm considerably good. and true. LOL. there's a bad thing he mentioned, but it was as I had expected. In fact, if he hadn't mentioned the problem, I wouldn't have think it was very accurate. Now I love my ID no. lol

    1. most of the time it is! unless you met a fraud la.

      now you love your ID. OMGEE.