Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Buffetting : Friend-less?

I used to remember at one point of my life I'd normally invite like IMMENSE number people I know from high school my house every CNY to kinda boost the whole "ong"(旺) aka prosperity of our lot so the year ahead would deem us more, in the lack of term prosperous, so to speak.

From 4th form down right to lower 6th form (before I enter college) the number of people was like, up to 40? just from the people I know. Imagine a terrace house, corner lot of double storey loaded with more than 100 humans. It's like TUNA can.

Anyway, the parents liked it a lot because it helps in keeping the fengshui in check for the business and the family's well being.

However, when I hit upper 6, and onwards, I invite like hell lesser people to the house.

Like 75% less. That makes, 12 people only?

Maybe a lil plus minus, but the crowd was definitely much quieter and more toned down.

I'm not even sure if I should bother making invitations anymore, when I'm actually making the run.

Anyhow, it didn't spike me till I was asked on where to hold the 21st birthday celebration.

In the family, its like a MUST to have like the 21st birthday thingy, and invitation to all relatives is mandatory, at least the ones in Klang Valley.

After attending heck loads of 21st birthday of cousins before me, I'm down to either home catering or probably Korean buffet. Japanese is like, heck every single time it has been Jap, and Western definitely will kill the tastebuds of the Gen X. Believe it or not, most of the attendees are actually aunts and uncles rather than the cousins.

Anyhow, then Mum was like:

M: Hey don't you attend any of your friends' 21st birthdays? Sis was SOO busy when she was 21, had to attend steamboats over steamboats for it!

T: Uhm, now that you mentioned it, yea.

M: Why ar?

*awkward silence*

T: Well, maybe my circle of friends don't really think 21st as like the BIG thing ya know? It's not like they are super rich or something..

M: Maybe because they are all overseas hor? Right?

*thank you for saving me from you*

T: Yea! Alright, so go for your massage and facial already!

I spent 30 seconds to think over the conversation again.

Heck I've changed a lot.

I was not the person I knew before, probably the family still thinks I'm the same but I beg to differ.

I barely stayed in an institution for more than a year, how on earth do I get to see people grow till 21?

I don't exactly have a life prior to this conversation; university, workout, home, the cycle repeats until I stopped; work, workout, home, and the cycle repeats itself again.

I have had NO university mates who are of same age as I do, therefore no 21 years old-s.

I am 20 minutes away from the fabulous peeps in UPM, and I still have to survive the wrath of drivers' duties, so I need to spare myself.

And most importantly is, the people who I deem(and hopefully they do too) worth all my time and dedication for their 21st have the birthdays either in August or September.

Monkey I'm so sorry I missed out yours on 28th of May. I almost wanted to strangle myself with the workload from the freakin company. I'll make it up once I'm done with all the commitments, and the practicals. 

So it all boiled up over a 2 minutes conversation in the car with mum.

It took me 15 seconds of contemplation to realized I've became bitter.

Well, I guess the Chinese proverb of "Humans change, Moon turns round" explains the whole situation well.

I wonder what is going to happen when I stepped into work-hood.


  1. hahaha...my 21st is nothing, I dont celebrate at all...heck, I think I havent celebrate any of my birthday for the past 3,4 years XD

    is it really bitter or u jsut become better in prioritize what is important in ur life =)

    1. well, maybe we should start this year! when's your birthday? Lets go celebrate even when its over!

      maybe. sometimes I just think of the worst in life. neurotic.

    2. haha..it passed for couples of month already, thanks for ur offer..I will keep it for nx year's one..that time, don't complaint when I drag u out to celebrate mine..hehe =P

      U just been pessimistic and prepare for the worst scenario which is not a bad trait =)

    3. make sure not finals ok! maybe you can celebrate mine! XD I will do my best to go!

      yea, I do that like ALL THE TIME. Quite the aunty la XD

    4. If it just passed couples of month ago, of course it was not during ur final..hahahaha XD Sure, let me know when! Even though I rarely celebrate mine, I always help prepare for my friend's birthday celebration, cake and food =D

      hehehe...AUUUNNTIIIEEE!!! XD

    5. then make sure its not during my TESTS then XD ok! will tell ya then! Cake and all, normally I participate XD I do plan, but these days people move much faster.

      PFFFT. Don't start.

  2. These thoughts are normal I reckon. I think of the same kinda things too!

    1. seriously? hmm, and I always thought I think too much. maybe its like the time of the life when you wish to actually know where you fit in best.