Thursday, June 7, 2012

Buffetting : Simple or Big?

It's just weird, and at times "satisfied" when people see you and make assumptions and speculations about you which you wish to hear, and which are also true to some extend.

So the other day we had a few suppliers who head over to my parent's premise for some business. One wanted to receive cheques, another for some chat, the most recent one was because the department have a change of person in charge, so the old man manager was replaced with a new young man to take over the product management.

And we had a lil chat over what course I am doing, and then my dad came in.

Before I sent him away by the door, we had a lil chat.

O: So did you insist in staying in UPM because you had a girlfriend there?

*what the hell??!!*

Me: NO =.=. I did not engage in any relationship with anyone there. Why would you think so?

O: Cause your father said so. Why else to be so persistent right?

Me: It's obvious what people have so many misconceptions about the course I'm about to venture into. And me getting into a relationship is SO besides the point. I'd probably NOT get a vet partner. 

O: I see. So what do you do anyway? So you will be dealing with animals all the time?

Me: Not quite. I mean we deal with humans and all too. Public Health, epidemiology,, biological weapons. Heck human docs get vaccines from vets when SARS and JE exploded.

O: Wow! I never knew! Now you make me wanna be a vet!

Me: Vets are being undermined. Like people in my family, medical docs are still the greatest. Vets are always discredited and being undermined here. I wish to make a change.

O: I see. So you are probably going to venture into pets more?

Me: Hmm, not sure. We have this final year project thing, and there's so many to venture into. I was hoping to learn as much as I can to contribute more to the industry itself. Even if I'm getting into small animal, the least I should achieve is an animal hospital, not just clinic.

O: True. I'm pretty sure you are the type that wish to get into bigger stuffs than a normal clinic. Yes clinics earn quite a bundle, but I can see your passion lies some where else.

*wow you are good! and sharp!*

Me: True, there's so many opportunities, clinics might just be one of the things I consider if I'm really down low in cash or skills.

O: Well, I look forward to you getting involved in great things in the future. So hopefully you can get a girl who likes vet med like you do. Bye!

*shrugs* Bye~

True, I can now see my ambitions burning again.

There was once when I'd lost all dreams and hopes in my life, and I had literally zero target.

Plenty have wished to have a simple life. Adequate living, a stable income and family. Dot.

But I think I live this life once, even if I reincarnate as human in the next life, I wish to make a change, at least in this life.

A big one.

So are you a simple person, or you think big?


  1. sounds like a smooth talker you have there~ he's in sales? lollll

    dream big =)

    1. yea, but i think he's in the managerial position or something.

      yeap BIG. HIGH.

      Make sure you don't fall like CRAP also.

    2. titles sales people carries =P

      You never fall you never know~


      dare to fall, and stand up again... I know that I need to stand up again myself... you too... =)

    3. haha, but oh well~

      true, but try not to fall too much. its kinda, demoralizing.

      yea, i know. fell quite a number of times, but still kinda phobic of it.

  2. I think big but I think big for myself first..once I manage to establish myself firmly, then only I will start to plan for benefit of the end, charity begins at home right =D

    1. haha true!

      But I think i will try my best to be established before getting into relationships or whatever.

      charity and giving, you can do that even when you are broke XD

    2. U can do that, no problem with it..but having someone beside u to go through all the hurdles and tumbles in life sounds a lil bit more...fulfilling, i suppose? =)

      yeah, true enough. even without money, u can always give ur time to someone =D

    3. fulfilling? Hmm. Oh well. I still think I will need more me time, then get to we time, then me again.

      not only someone, everyone and everything else too!

  3. Haha... that's so funny!! why on earth people would assume on that?! haha.

    But I agree not to find a person who is in the same field with you. That's too boring.
    I mean that's good that you have extra common topic that you can discuss with, but, aint it better to know details thing about other field?

    1. i have no idea. My whole family assumes I persisted because I'm in a relationship. Like that's a good enough reason.

      Maybe. I having a relationship with my life long career. Loving it soo much.

      Too boring? Hmm, maybe, maybe not. Depends. Knowing details of other fields sounds interesting, but something in common probably leave us less time in awkward silences XD

      However, its still fun to get into with someone with more exciting ventures~ Like winery or something.