Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Buffetting : Course Mates V2

So we had the guys on the last post, now to the girls I'm close with.

Honestly speaking I'm close to all, its only 25 chinese around we have to.

But there's only 6 who I'm working very closely with, with most courses and practicals in the smae group. So lets start with the usual 4, where 1 came from STPM, and the other 3 from Matrics.

The 1st STPM-er, Jane aka Lady Boss.

The eldest among the girls, and the class rep, she have had to settle on lotsa stuffs and the girls do respect her for that. Yet, thanks to the work load as class rep, she had have to quit because of the lack of time she can spend on studies.

Though that allowed her to network among the seniors and course mates around.

Witted, smart and responsible, Jane gets most things done very fast. She is equally smart in utilizing human resources, almost asking me to handle lotsa stuffs earlier on thanks to my stunts.

She's not the good looking type, really nerdy type once she have the specs on, but at least she knows how to do around the contact lens and hairdo.

Weirdly, she is one of the ladies which I've sensed some affection towards me, constantly asking me to stay on vet course.

With stints like not minding have a "in a relationship" status with me, asking me to fake up relationships with her, em, yea you get the drill.

But it might just be me, ya know the alter male ego, thinking too much about these stuffs.

Having most things done her way, something I'm impressed about her is her swiftyness and no pushy washy attitude.

"Don't wanna help? Fine I'm okay with it. I have others who will. "

I wouldn't say I know her very well, probably because I can't think of anything about her yet.

Next up, Hotty.

Hotty is the 3rd one

Naah, she's not the hot type of girl. She's probably the most baby looking around, as a future housewife material. She even looks like one now to me haha,

But it doesn't she ain't hot girl material either. She was named Hot over her Hokkien name. Those who knows, just keep it yourself then.

Being one year younger, you can see the difference in maturity and she sees the world in a different perspective.

An optimist, she always tells me to see things on different ways to loosen my stress out. Of course I truly appreciate her views, while sometimes I "lecture" her in some matters in life which I have been through, widening her views from the naive views she might have.

Hot has kinda of the low self esteem aura from her, making her the typical 小女人, weak lady appearance, though she might have another say herself.

I'm sure given time and suitable packaging, Hot might easily be the lady everyone loves.

Now lets get to the ecstatic duo, Big Sis and Heart.

Big Sis some how was given because of her similar authoritative behavior over the bunch when we were having out course night practices.

Loud, confidence and the typical leader among flocks and everyone pretty much salutes to her enthusiasm and also snappiness in getting things in order. The course night was successfully organized very well thanks to her, and also Lady Boss. Lady Boss in the behind scenes while Big Sis takes care of the crowd.

Loud as she is, she never hesitate to tease everyone around, cheering people up when people seemed down, or just crack some lame and really stupid joke just to break the silence. Having her around is like having another Wind around. But the chemistry between Big sis and Monkey is much intense.

There was once rumors spreading between how I was so-to-speak attracted to Big Sis at a particular time, which I didn't notice myself until people were pointing around. Composing myself in the shower, I know she ain't the one. Pfft, Du-uh. That period kinda winded us apart for a while, cause before that we were exchanging, *choke* ointments haha.

Anyway, Big Sis is one hard girl also. Sea wanted to prank her once with the calls and all, but she got so hyped up and banged Sea right into his face in the Cafe.

Utter silence and awkwardness kicked in. But, everything turned out to be ok~

Last but definitely the best, Heart!

I can't really think of any analogies to put her into, cause normally I just call her by her name. Probably Mdm Polar bear because of the chemistry WE built for her and Polar Bear.

Heart is the typical girl next door. Not the super beautiful type, but her looks are comfortable enough for me to tell her almost everything. Although she is a year younger, I see her as equal for some reasons, unlike Big Sis and Hotty who I constantly lecture.

Probably because Heart is matured by nature. She never wish for anyone to have confrontations or arguments. She'd rather she be the one who gets screwed, at least everyone else is at peace. Something which she has in common with Polar Bear, from where I sees it.

Like Hotty, she have also some values of patience which I do admire, as I'm lack of patience and hot-tempered all the time. Heart constantly engage herself in conversations, and she teases as good as Big Sis as well, but most of the time she knows when to just let go and follow the flow.

The Cina gang is probably consist of these 4 and the Guys. I do have another gang of girls, but they are the a lil more Barat ones XD

So that's a wrap for the peeps I've pretty much spent the 70% of the time in UPM. They are great assets, and will be also in the near or far future. I'd just hope the dilution of friendship between me and them happens like the High school friends.

I'd guess High School was just a normal ground once you've step into varsity life.

It's as if High School friends were nothing, and so insignificant, other than a few ones who I'm still keeping in touch till today.

Well, that's the girls for me, and Ji Muis (姐妹)Forever!


  1. Fuyoh you really write about them wei! Kinda "露骨" as well. Have you done such a descriptive post about us? Well maybe not me, but your group of SJ friends? Getting curious already, to know how you see us actually. hahaha

  2. haha I did I did! The other gang, but it have been so long those memories kinda ain't as vivid as they were. Kinda regret I didn't jot them down back then when they were fresh. I really wish I can live for the next 5 years with this gang, so I'd jot them down first. Too bad I can't, leaving for med soon.

  3. But all the girls are kinda hawt haha :)

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