Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Buffetting : 14-02-12=0??!!

Oh well, its the stupid 9gag crap people spread around in FB these days. BTW, 9gag is an official CORRECT term in blogger! They don't even correct it now!

Anyways, I finally got back to body pump! What's worse, my left arm totally got whacked off by bench press and tricep curls in the studio!

What an embarrassing day in class! Oh well, it has be FOUR months, so what'd you expect?

Later on I was walking around Pyramid to get stuffs for my dogs and the family, and the weirdest part is:

There's couple EVERYWHERE.

It's like the number magnified by 1000X than normal Tuesdays.

Or is it that I've been gone from Subang for far too long?

Or is it that everyone's desperate to have someone to hold on to on the Big V?

One thing's for sure, my parents ain't too free for V days. Not before, not today.

Oh well~ (this has been my theme lately)

I don't see myself holding hands with anyone yet, so I'm practically immune to the sight.

Sometimes its so weird, because I'd just stand back and watch people and keep telling myself I'm pretty much over with lovey dovey.

Signs of being a monk? Who knows.

Instead of love, I'm much more clung to FRIENDSHIP.

Sometimes I'm just so surprised on how I get over friendship so easily.

The secondary mates who once I claimed I "loved" most are now nothing but acquaintances. It's so crude to the point that, I wouldn't bother keeping some of their phone numbers, or be bothered of their lives.

Of course, I do have some utmost close monkeys loathing around me, perhaps those who really lived my life with me all the way.

The others, were and now are, just someone I knew. I wouldn't be surprised or care if they'd not invite me over parties or whatsoever.

Pretty cold aren't I? I was amazed by my solitary stand when I'd actually noticed this.

I guess I move on pretty fast, my life was tough enough for me to do that easily.

My closest buddy told me this once;

If you do not wish to have that someone in your life anymore, just let the person go. It's no one's fault. It's just that you don't want to commit pointlessly anymore--- J.R. Lam, 2011.

So, now I'd only keep those I wish to have them in my life. The others are pretty much redundant.

As for Form 6 level, I'd managed to make a few good ones, and another bunch was pretty much passersby of my life. Whether or not if we knew, things didn't nor wouldn't change for me.

Sadly, when it came to university level, I have had this attachment, so strong I'd promised my coursemates that their children are so going to be my god-children.

Guess living under the same roof with people really allow us to know them well, even more to love them.

However I hate my family more as I live under the same rood with them.

Argh, now I'm off topic.

Valentines, well not till I'm 30. So now big V is for me myself or friends only.

Probably I'll just sip wine off the night with some close friends before 30.

Zoo Taiping Practicals coming up!


  1. 30 is the new 20 it seems! XD

    It is overrated, but that's wad feeding off the economy.

    Happy valentines day =D

  2. @vincent: for me! the youngsters are in the "16 is the new 20" zone! XD

    Happy V day vincent! Betcha gone crazy with jason!