Friday, February 17, 2012

Buffetting : Body Combat!

Rejoined Gorden with his body combat class again today after 4 months hiatus.

Of course the crowd doesn't remember me, I've only been there ONCE.

Anyway, I hope this routine can go on cause the class rocked.

At least I don't feel as hostile.

Yay Body Combat!

I know I've not updated on the Zoo Taiping Practical yet, but gimme some time. It's going to be up soon, and I better get it done before Monash starts.

PS: Another argument over vet doesn't earn as much as physician/surgeon bla bla bla.

My life, or yours? Or you just have the insecurity that I wouldn't be able to earn and feed you?
I'm renouncing anyway, the money I'd earn might as well fund the facilities.


  1. hallo there! yup I've been absent for way too long. Our beloved govt has sent me to work in a (kinda) rural hospital (without the elaun hidup kesusahan. Humph!) and alas I have no working broadband (serious shit!!!)

    firstly yay on bodycombat! Love all lesmills programmed! I used to teach bodystep n bodybalance throughout first year of med school (wow that's like donkey years ago)... But that's a whole diff story

    Just noted that you're still undecided between med n vet. Personally I think both are awesome choices. I fell into med somehow (never imagined doing med ever in my life up until the few months prior, cos I didn't get Any of my first few choices - another long story). But I'm glad I did. Had the time of my life throughout the 5 years. Made the bestest friends there. Broken a few hearts and got my own crushed as well

    Somehow this lazybum managed to graduate med school on time; started work after a binge of holidays, and I'm 3 days away from finishing my first rota in gen med. And I am actually doing ok. Gaining a lot each Day from the steep learning curve! :)

    The path is long and dreary and I get weary oh so often. I felt like quitting every single morning for the first 2 months! But I'm still here! The only part keeping me going on is the sense of fulfilment that I've made a difference to my patients lives.

    There is no sweeter feeling than seeing a patient holding your hand to thank you as he/she walks out of the ward smiling and well :)

    If I had another chance to choose what degree I'd pursue, probably it won't be med. But I'm still glad I did it. No regrets. I guess it's what I'm meant to do, may e, if I still get inspired to stay on for long haha

    "sometimes we must let go of the life we have planned, so as to receive the life that is waiting for us"

    One of my friends wanted to do vet all his life but he didn't get it as an undergrad. He persevered and now he's a vet with a local turf club.

    Vet or Med? Your call. Flip a coin!

    And I'm most confident you'll make the choice that is right for you :)

    (typed out on my phone keypad @work haha)

  2. anyway, FYI, a houseman in Malaysia earns about the same hourly rate as a McD branch supervisor = not very much...

    Salary increments are few and far in between. Specialty training seats are hard to come by. Prospects aren't getting any better considering the influx of new grads...

    but we can still live comfortably; no worries of starvation :)

    Blablablabla... It should never be about the money (otherwise you'd be depressed) haha

    1. OMGosh that was a FREAKISHLY long post! Thanks a lot! I'd really appreciate your effort in READING my oh-long posts and getting a gist of what's going on. And from work somemore! Felt really great to have people actually take this so seriously!

      I did consider taking mbbs, then vet as my post grad? But its WAY too long, and it might not even worth the money and effort behind it. I wish to live the life NOW, not later when I'm OLD. Flipping a coin didn't make any difference. Tried it, didn't work.

      Haha the McD branch supervisor analogy was a good! But I do not know how much they earn XD I've been explaining to my mu, but she still hear things from the FRIENDS' somebody someone. I'd just so fed up with her telling me things about other people. The thing is, they can say it, but it might not be real. My friend told me his bro earns 6k per months and houseman. Is it true?

      I'm still giving med a semester. If whatever happens this 14 weeks triggers the plug in jeopardizing an MO's career, I'll go with plan B/A, vet. Hey, at least I have a backup, perhaps I might do better than Monash grads!

      Thank you again! I finally know how busy a HO can get now! Continue blooging kay?

  3. you're rebelling, aren't you?

    after a while, you'll probably get used to it, & then life goes on, the angst notwithstanding.

    1. not yet though, I'm going with it for now. But aafter 14 weeks, my say, my plea.