Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Buffetting : Tentative Decision 2

So we had this huge argue and fight over vet or med.

And well, give or take I made a deal.

A semester in Monash.

which I'd promise myself to hate it.

And I'm back with vet.

Or should I receive it with open hands just to feel the best of medicine?

Oh well, vet or med forever.


  1. Keep an open mind, it might not be so bad! =)

  2. I agree with JR! Just give it a try, maybe you'll notice something new. If you keep thinking of vet while trying out med, what if you begin to like med but are too ignorant to accept the fact? Just saying. ;) Good luck! We might, or might not, meet at Monash :)

  3. @jr: oh well, keeping opened. hopefully my inner rejection doesn't resent this too much

    @el: hopefully. but seriously, im not willing to give up what vet has to offer compared to med. one step closer to nature~

  4. Ultimately what makes you happy should count for something if not the most since it is your life to lead and your career to pursue and its something no one but you has a right or understanding of. All the best in your endeavours Binn!

  5. @shahnon: haha thanks man! I will do a real deep searching on both careers to see how to sort things out. When are you graduating? Gosh you are so involved in the countries transformation i feel so stupid reading your posts XD just saying so do not feel offended kay!

  6. Haha I graduate in July man, and thanks but my achievements can't compare with yours la. Results also squash mine liao. Well you take care, catch up soon la.

    1. pffft, my achievements are mere academics one, you probably can go much further in transforming the country! see how trivial medical officers are? all the more reason to take up vet. hahah , you take good care too! Catch up when I see you around on9 or in the flesh!

    2. Just so you know right, all the strong influential politicians in Malaysia and even those student leaders I know who make the best politicians are actually medics, just putting it out there. Yea catch up soon. :)

    3. weird right? must be the societal status medical officers have, but the days will be gone.