Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Buffetting : Can't Get Her Off My Mind

Have you ever seen one person and just "POOF" her image just sticks to your head like FOREVER.

Binn doesn't really have like super strong affection for this particular person, but the way she brought herself and the features are just so, vivid in the head.

Binn presents:

Raina Hein!

Noticed her while watching America's Next Top Model(aka ANTM), during her finals with rival Krista White.

They were both really good in their shots, and its impossible to imagine laymen being in front of the camera strutting around and pull out poses like they do.
Can you imagine posing with only one accessory with THAT size?

Personally, Raina was the favorite because of the positive energy she brought in the show, and her casual self is actually much more attractive than her model self.
Loved the family picture!

Bubbly, perky, natural. Pretty much something Binn want to be, as well as finding them in the future mate.

Yet, those positive energy had slowly drained off in the recent years for some reasons which are still unknown.

Anyway, Raina sticks in head because of her look, personality and most importantly, her upbringing.

So, are there any personalities, be it same or opposite sex sticks in your head?


  1. anne hathaway lookalike! love the big mouth and thic brows! :D

  2. @medie:owh that was what I realized right from the beginning too! haha guess these kinda girls are fun to be around!

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