Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buffetting : Babbling Books

I knew Pos Laju was expensive, but I never knew it was RM50.40 just to send a 0.011kg worth of letter to Hong Kong.

Anyway, it was for a greater purpose, hence I shall persevere.

Back to the title, the reading thing has finally kicked in. I reckoned I need to some enhancement in my deteriorated English for the past 1.5 years.

And the one of the books I chose:

I'm almost done with TKAMB, at its climax actually. It's kinda stereotypical plot, which I'd probably know the answer of the ending, seeing how Atticus managed to move the girl's determination a lil to pin down Tom.

Who are they? Read the book man! It is good, for leisure.

I happen to know Monash University Foundation Year used this book as their English subject manual, so going through hassle to read a book can be disturbing.

Yet, I have to say the way Ace Edventure, my drama class back in high school made the whole thing really fun. We practically had to record ourselves taking over the characters in the books.

TKAMB was okay, and the author managed to capture the troubles girls at the age of nuisance entering exploring the world with ruthless behavior. Scout, was the real deal.

The next book:
Its Sherlock Holmes by the way. I'm not sure if the person on the drawing is him, but this book was certainly a bargain

RM7 for Sherlock Holmes COMPLETE story?

Call me a sinner or what ever, this book is a MUST man.

Although I read like 5% of the book before STPM, reading it from the start should give a better and clearer picture of the whole chronology.

Owh yea, did I mention that I'm now back to comic recollection mania too? Detective Conan is finally coming back to haunt my used-to-fill-with-STPM-books-shelves-and-now-are-dead-empty shelves.

Minus the fact that I'm reading the BM version of it, since I've started out with BM.

Well, at least I have something to keep my BM in check~

So, what books are you reading lately?

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