Sunday, February 20, 2011

Buffetting : Drama Prior to TOEFL

I had to switch lifts, just like the ones in Amcorp Mall to get to the office suites.

Driving all the way to Sheraton in KL for an exam all by myself was pretty satisfying, seeing the frequency I usually travel up there.

You might wonder why is there a test site in Sheraton hotel, but I have seriously no clue how the Prometric TOEFL testing site ended up in suites of offices in a hotel like Sheraton.

Anyway, the whole process went really smooth until I had to sign some forms to rectify I'm me.

The policy of ETS in handling IDs is:

The test candidate taking the test in the country of citizenship should present National IDs with a recent photo, name and SIGNATURE.

I guess ETS is such globalized till the organizers overlooked that Malaysian IDs do not have signatures of the holders on them.

And guess what?

At least 85% of the Malaysian candidates showed up today was denied of their test rights because they were unable to present such identification, including ME.

Since most of us applied through the internet, the reminder of "Malaysian IDs do not have YOUR signature" doesn't pop up in the bulletin screen, resulting us in failing of present such IDs.

Those who managed to apply the test via agents like Prometric, ELS, or their respective colleges managed to get such reminder, and they were able to present their IDs, such as passports and also letters of registration.
17 Floors!

The closest ID with my signature was of course my passport.

The weird thing about the society is, the people usually ask questions and delays the problem longer than it already is, without taking any further actions to solve problems.

Scenario comparison:

When the lady in charge stated that the passport is the only valid ID for Malaysian~

A- I immediately called my dad to get the passport over

while the others

B- Debate and argue that its impossible to get the passport, along with further emphasis on the missing statements which give instructions on bringing the appropriate IDs.

I mean, just solve the problem already.
The solution
The Malaysian parents were pretty much over-protective of their child, as the whole family were brought to send the children for a TOEFL test. *roll eyes*

There were several reasons given on how the parents couldn't get the passport"

1. I stay in Banting lar.. It took me 2 hours to get here, and now you want me to get back and get the passport ar? Ridiculous la...

2. I come all the way from Klang you know? Passport in safety box wor. Safety box in bank wor. Today Sunday bank not open wor. How? I want to sue your company la.

Fine, it take you that long to get the passport, but why can't you just try to get it in time? At least you were able to proceed if you made it.

Who keeps passports in safety boxes? I mean, if you need your TOEFL scores urgently, I'll bet your daughter is leaving Malaysia real soon. So, why not keep it at home just to be on the safe side.

The family from Klang clearly hasn't done enough preparations, nor they were inquisitive. They had to travel back to Alor Setar to sit for the TOEFL test, which was a dud because of the PC breakdown. I mean, if you got so far to know that there's a PC breakdown, don't the people in charge there mention of anything about IDs? How'd you get into the test site at the first place?
Or you were just ignorant?
My testing site~
I have to agree that ETS' instructions weren't clear for Malaysian students. Nevertheless, I think adults should take action immediately to solve problems instead of asking questions which was answered multiple times.

The lady in charge declines all test takers IDs without the fulfillment of photo,name and signature. The whole scene is recorded in video and audio. So, stop repeating the stupid process and start taking actions already!

Imagine a patient came in and explained his condition. You as a doctor keeps on asking how was his condition. By the time you take any action, the patient probably died of the same reason he have been telling you.

Rage probably clouded the judgment and thoughts of the parents, because their kids weren't able to sit for an exam because of a silly signature.

I swear that the parents were about to bribe the lady just to allow their kids to take the test from their tone of voice.

I wonder if they ever considered the damage they could have done to the lady in charge if ETS were to find out she were that lenient.

Anyway, I got my passport and sat for TOEFL. The reading,listening and writing were okay, seeing how much exposure to these materials I obtain everyday.

When it came to speaking I stunned and froze for a few seconds before I'd even started due to a temporary nervous break down.

Probably due to lack of exercise on the speaking test.

I mean, 15 secs to prepare and 45 secs to answer?

My family eyes popped when they heard this.

Well, that's pretty much how my TOEFL test went.

Reading was fairly easy, even easier that MUET's .

Listening was okay, its just the jotting down of points was really tiring because the info was compact and heck the process was so fast.

Writing was also okay, I'm just glad I surfed onto the web to get some last minute recaps on the ideas and examples required.

Speaking, well I've said so much about it.
PS: I have new, barely used TOEFL books for sales! Email me!

So, I would remind of all future TOEFL takers in Malaysia:

If you are a Malaysian taking a TOEFL exam in Malaysia, please do bring your Passport with you because your IC does not have your signature imprinted on it!

Getting my STPM results tomorrow, so wish me luck~


  1. Good luck in ur stpm!!! XD

    I hate overly complicated procedures... Visa application is one of them. Ughh

  2. vin:Thanks dude! stpm results' out on the following post! yea, visa app is gonna kill me man.. i feel so depressed when my friends were talking about visa app.

  3. Hope your STPM results go well! No matter what it is, everything will be okay. Recalled the days I worried over what I would get for the results.

  4. @savante: omgoodness long lost holly spitters! I haven't seen your posts in a long long long long time! its gonna be on the next post! feelings will be included too XD

  5. :) looking forward for a good news.

    heed my advice, DON'T EVER EVER apply for meds. in fact. don't even do meds. it's tough. it's not as fulfilling as you thought it is, even though i might sound as though it was, but the reality, you probably might regret it, unless you're so very sure you're destined to become a medical doctor, which most are not. it's tiring. you're married to young. no social life. you're working 24/7. you'll probably get deep vein thrombosis from all the ward rounds. and end up being depressed by 40 years old.


    do dentistry.

    flexible time.
    good pay.
    you study what medical students study.
    and you're still called a Dr.

    or whatever others you're fond of.

    all the best!

  6. @medie: gosh dude you sounded like your life is GOING to be screwed up... i will think twice about it.. but i still wished I can do more other than teeth XD

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