Sunday, April 11, 2010

Buffetting : Entanglements

Somehow, there is always this surge of entanglement in my life, between my family and my friends.

And believe it or not, I usually prefer to join my friends instead of my bloodlines.

Well, guess I'm just the type who doesn't stick much with my family at any circumstances.

As for this time, the entanglement would be my grandma from my paternal side's 80th birthday.

Supposingly , this was something to be happy and celebrated of, but me being me, the joy didn't quite spurt up.

Due to various "feuds" , the whole event didn't turn out to be up to expectation.

Since it was done in the rural areas, people from an urban area like our family naturally wouldn't be satisfied.

Plus, I had to skip my good friend's farewell on the night before because of this event, where my mum insisted for me to abide to the curfew real hard this time.

To make things worse, I was appointed as the commander for my current school's Pre-University march squad on the morning of this event.

See how things were getting hectic this week?

Did I mentioned that I had my Advance 1 Japanese test on the night I was having the last dinner in 2 years time with my good friends?

Yea I know, my life suck.

Hopefully I can ace my test with at least a 90% score, did studied like hell for it.

Owh yea, all the hard work paid off. The Pre-U squad managed to get a 2nd place for the march event!

Surprisingly we beat the PBSM team, seeing how good they were on the previous days' practices.

And as expected, the Yellow house managed to nab the 1st place as the overall performance. 1st time in my high school life, where by the house I am in got a 1st place.

Speaking of which, I have been in the Yellow house for a sports house for 12 years of my life. I'm not sure if it is a mere coincidence or god intended. If it was, what significance does it bring about behind it?

Gosh there is so much to write about due to the constant current of happenings drowning my life, yet I don't have the time to jot i down anywhere other than in pictures by my faithful n86~

Well, guess I just have to let the pictures to do their miracle work shouldn't I?

Do not let these beauties fool you. They can be really, really mean.

Example: Ewww~ Yong Bin doesn't wash his underwear!!!!!

Just because I wasn't able to finish my sentence.

PS: Slicing and dicing another mouse this coming thursday, will post more on the process next post.

Just a preview:

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