Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Buffetting : Eastern Godwind

Their presence wasn't quite noticed until I started panicking due to the unsuspected last minute changes, so to speak, SMKSS17 does best in this, all hail last minute circumstances.

Yet, I pulled myself together and braced with the flow.
Thanks Princess Rowie for being there throughout the storm! I would have collapsed without her along the way!

Obviously I need to study further for my language, seeing how sucky it was and the gravity of laugh I've obtained when I was speaking.

I did have fun.

I had fun being the translator and all.

I had fun speaking to them, making them having the "OWH!! I understand this guy!" look.

I had fun knowing Mayo and Nana-chan, as they were really nice to me and their partners, Hooi Ling and Yi Won.

I may not get the most popular girls and guys as my partner, nor did I have one, Yi Won and Hooi Ling was really nice and hostile by allowing me to join them as their comrade and translator.

The bamboo dance was a hit. Obviously our friends from the East didn't have the experience with this before.

Same goes to our traditional Tatoo, Inai , which was the most popular craft among the visitors.
Guess having a cool disposable tattoo is still an alternative for the pricking and ink-filling through your skin type.

I ran around with my new LOMO!!!!!

Haha the visitors were so amazed by my ability to get the Decade Pink BBF and snapping pictures all the way..

"Decade no Kamera? Sugoi!!!" was like a must catch phrase for everyone who saw me with the BBF.

Anyways, I came to a conclusion that the girls are much more sporting than the guys, seeing most of the guys were really, I mean really cool. In the sense that they wouldn't share their emai, so I was quite disappointed though...
The one on the left side, is the most popular guy among our school girls... The one on the most right was really cute too! He was the first one who asked me for sepak takraw.
I asked from the most popular/handsome guy from Yamato Nishi High School, but the only respond he gave was "eh?"

Guess I should have just gave him pen and paper and say, "Kae! Email wo."

Its ok... I can live without boys, girls will do fine, or better.

One thing was for sure, they loved sepak takraw.

The way they pronounced it was so cool!!!! And they were really cute when they asked for the sepak takraw!

Dang, I forgot to take a picture of them playing!

Never mind, the bamboo dance will do fine.

Malaysia do have something , traditionally favourable to our friends from the East.

Never said this in SMKSJ before but, proud to be Malaysian, where our diversity of cultures is trruly cherished in SMKSS17. Bravo.

Now, one and only bamboo dance by the hot hunks of Yamato Nishi High School:

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