Saturday, December 27, 2014

Buffetting : Ending 2014

I'd figure I should do this now and get back to my finals cramming before the 4.0 just fly out of my lap.

2014, has been a long year. I think I grew up emotionally a lot this year, because of so many things happening with so many parties getting involved in my life. I would say I grew at some point, managing things is now a little different while I have made several bold moves along the way.

January 2014:

The semester ended with another wedding in-line which my cousin brother had with me being the driver cum bridegroom brigade*or is there another term for this?* Nothing much except for the fact that a lot of our cousins in our generation is slowly heading towards the next stage of their lives in building a family and being parents themselves. Responsibility much?

February 2014:

3 weeks stuck in the breeder chicken farm in the middle of Karak was crazy. Daily morning shower with water as cold as ice and being completely naked in front of the foreign labor was, just something I probably will avoid forever. However, the nights spending to watch The Little Nyonya, trying the fill the gaps in between egg collection during work and the moments killing each other in the dorm with the girls were just fun.

March 2014:

Getting back to the faculty in this time of the year means Vetsports and Vet Dinner. After all the heavy work last year its time for my batch to chill out this year. Our batch is pretty famous for our lack of skills in sports, but we still do very great in tug-o-war, cheer leading as well as indoor games. Vet Dinner was pretty quaint this year, but only a few of us attended simply because we had to as directors and presidents of various interest clubs in the faculty.

April 2014:

This was a very special month no doubt. Apart from Majlis Silaturahim which my batch definitely have done a splendid job as the organizer with me being the crazy Chinese vampire, I took a bold step to fly and meet T in Chiang Mai; with my interest of wildlife practical as well. 

Spending time, cuddling for the first time, had my first kiss taken away all in the same week fueled the happy hormones in my body. I was actually living the dream relationship I thought I never could have. At the same time, I was also glad I was able to be part of T's life.

May 2014:
It become the worst month of the year. I had plenty of unnecessary commitments in clubs which I never begin to imagine I would join. The last call was for T to drop in a bombshell of all days Wesak day to break up with me. This is probably the worst Wesak I had with immense anger and fear clogged up in the whole afternoon. I was alone because I had no one to talk to, and thank goodness Biolexus was there to hear out before I implode. On the same night, I took the bold move and became the president of the club I never imagined I would.
On the contrary, my sister too moved into the next stage of her life and got married as well. Talk about double blow. But it was a good thing because it became the very tool that changed my relationship with my family as well.

June 2014:

Ending yet another semester means to step into another practical. 3 weeks of practical in the goat farm was pretty fun, as they are really cute yet annoying. Although I know less from the other girls because of my academic year, I proved myself to be an asset in restraining the animals while learning plenty about the debridement, artificial insemination and general management for a typical meat goat farm. The relationship between the girls and I definitely flourished even more, as we had the same problem with the drama source of our practical.

July 2014:

The month seemingly spent a lot on relaxing and enjoying life. The practical by the east coast with the Turtle Sanctuary was just soothing and mentally relaxing. Although the strolls at night can be a pain in the ass because of the long hours and cold weather, not to mention sand flies killing our feet, it was a great place to take our minds off hectic life of the urban areas with a decent amount of jobs to be done like getting rotten eggs out of the hatchery. A good time to relax, but definitely can't be my whole life.

PS: I forgot the most important thing happened this month. I became an uncle!

August 2014:

August is probably the crazies month with a lot of flights in and out of the airport! Again, spending my birthday out of the country, this time it was Sri Lanka! Its the Vetsoul annual trip again and it was definitely worth every sen and second spending our quality time there. Stubby was a great hose, while her dad probably forked out thousands of USD to make sure we are actually enjoying our trip. 

A week back from Sri Lanka, 8 of us headed to Chagar Hutang for yet another turtle sanctuary. A different group with a different managerial system, its pretty exciting to see how 2 different entities manage a same species of ecosystem. It is obvious UMT had better management and funding, but Cherating is probably very much restricted by the federal government policies.

September 2014:

A new academic year begin where I stepped into my official 3rd year. Thinking that it would be much of a less burdening semester I was wrong, because being a president of a new club is not easy, AT ALL. We had to go all out to establish contacts, get into the good side of all equestrian entities out there, trying to work with the resources we have to develop our members; things are just not easy at all. But with perseverance and support from the high committee, the club managed to pull over with our first work with Selangor Turf club in the International Horse Show 2014
October 2014:

Wrapping up several commitments this month, I am pretty surprised I'm still on track with the lectures and information in class. I spend a hefty 3 days in Bangkok earlier on for the APVC 2014 in the quest to get more knowledge and exposure on the veterinary side in our region; which turned out to be splendid. 

On the other note, Dogathon 2014 managed to break the Malaysia Book of Record in achieving 1200 dogs as the largest dog gathering in Malaysia! Great work to be direct mentor of the co-directors, and I'm sure they have churned a lot of effort in succeeding this achievement!

November 2014:

Mundane month with a lot studies and birthday celebrations; making me to have more posts this month anyway. Did a lot of thinking and planning for the practicals in 2015, making me having access to Japan and Thailand, hopefully with a lot of knowledge gained back home. A crazy little thing happened in the mundane month is probably the theft of my wallet. That probably sucked up the whole month

December 2014:

Contrary to November, although the month was filled with tests and assignment deadlines, plenty of events and outings were thrown around my life. Christmas season fun was everywhere, though I actually celebrated Christmas not on the day itself. 

These celebrations too make me realize, I have managed to get the best of both worlds. Vet souls, and Kaki Jalan. It is a blessing truly, because I never imagined I would be able to attain friendship crossing both academic years so strong.

PS: Another wedding this year, I guess my friendship with Queen probably will go on until life ends in both our sides; only if my parents would stop assuming I'm actually seeing her romantically.

2014 definitely was good, and crazy. 

I was lucky to have spent time with T.

I was lucky to have people being there when T broke up with me.

I was lucky to have people aiding me with academics and clubs.

I was lucky to have my niece coming into my family, patching up those holes I have with my family.

I was lucky to not stay in the limbo of losing T, now back up and moving again.

I was lucky to just be safe, well and happy always; even though there were multiple occasions when my blood pressure could have killed me.

Now, to get back to finals.


  1. first pic in March. Kawaii neh.
    So fast writing final post of 2014. :0
    I am still dreading to think of starting new year.

    1. Lol, tetiba kawaii pulak.

      have to begin cramming for real so no choice!! hahaha

  2. Nice post. Looks like 2014 is an eventful year for you wor. Good to have so many experiences and within there are many lessons to be learned and reflections to be observed. Hope the new year brings you more good things and happy memories! All the best in your finals!!!

    1. It certainly has. I'm just glad I got over T with the same amount of time we spent together; while I still can juggle between the coursemates of both academic years and my family ties are stronger from the niece's arrival.

      I wouldn't say 2014 has been a bad one because it sure has been a great one; but hey life is all about ups and downs. I'm definitely looking forward to what 2015 has to offer!

  3. What a year it has been huh... All the best for 2015!

    p.s. - I've dropped an email to you. Do have a look at it ya :)

    1. 2015 will definitely be another fun one!

      Replied the email! Sorry for the super long hiatus!

  4. November - first pic. the middle guy wearing white shirt. he looks cute. :3

    1. Lol, straight and taken. He's one of the really good looking ones around the faculty though!