Friday, December 5, 2014

Buffettting : Damping

All the hassle of tests finally came to slow motion after the hectic 11 weeks.

Odd that I'd actually find the semester gone by faster than I thought it would.

Thinking that letting go as the co-director position for Dogathon would put me on halt for student activities but hell no it doesn't stop there.

I wonder if it were the impulse I had because T broke up with me, so I decided blatantly 7 months ago to just take up the position.

But it's fine; the club smothers me while I can barely see what I actually get out of it yet knowing that the club is better than it was before because I worked with a good team to build it is still satisfying.

It makes me know that I'm still the management and organizational type of person; resourceful to send people into right direction.

I think.

December means Christmas is around the corner; but this year its probably going to be a family gathering dinner again in the study week. Let's hope I don't screw up my finals again.

One more practical test, one more theory test 3; and finals all the way.

Did I mention there is also another equine workshop along the way?

Time to charge up for finals!

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