Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Buffetting : DogathonTM 2014

I can't believe I spent 5 minutes trying to log in, only to find out I've actually changed my password to T's full name in Thai before I could log in! It's alright, I can always keep it there, no one knows T's real name anyway.

Back to Dogathon 2014, finally the first year which I'm no longer a part of it, and as a FULL participant. One would wonder how would I not be a full participant in my clinical years; because I DEFINITELY will and want to be part of it as a senior who is helping out in the Physical Examination or Veterinary Consultation booths.

So readers out there who wanna see me for sure, the following 2 years are your chance! But, who would wanna do that anyway, right?

The theme this year was military based- with the tag line: Battlefield, In Dog We Trust.

The succession of the event is probably gauged by the fact that they have managed to break the previous Malaysian Book of Records in the largest dog gathering in Malaysia, of 1216 registered dogs by 1.00pm that faithful Sunday.

The ambassador of the event this year was a local DJ, pretty famous among the Chinese locals : One FM William San

From close proximity he is a pretty down-to-earth person even with his status as a local celebrity, without hesitant in every request for a photo. I personally didn't go ga-ga all over him or have taken any pictures; some how I'm pretty over the stardom thingy these days; but I did manage to steal a greeting smile with him when we were in the VIP booth; as the ex-codirector some how.

Instead of participating in the activities for dogs, I'd rather became a really chillax participant this year. The only thing I was here is to support the juniors for their hardwork; as well as a good ol' buddy line picnic outing to catch up for the time we have missed. Just a few hours, but it meant a lot because we could really connect throughout the whole session. The rest of the day was pretty much spent walking around the booths, pestering juniors as well as some of my original batchmates.

The thing going on which allowed me to become a non-organizing committee of any sorts is due to the fact that I was the co-director last year, but I am not a DVM4 yet to be qualified as a physical examination vet-student yet(which I was told I could because the procedures were extremely simple).

But, being able to steal a year just to walk around and have fun without ANY responsibility is extremely rewarding for myself, holistically. At least zero pressure this year. Maybe just one thing, the juniors borrowed my mom's pick up truck to send stuffs; to my delight both my mum and juniors were totally happy to have their ways.
Congratulations to the co-directors in breaking the record! Extremely proud of my successors!

Conclusion, I enjoyed my Dogathon as a non-dog bringing participant. It's a cool place to even have a picnic, but at the same time feel the love from the other participants.

See you guys next year then!


  1. hadn't heard of this event till i came across your blog earlier, if I happen to change my mind on my migration plan, perhaps next year I might bring my girl, Snoopy to this event, bet she would love it =)

  2. That's a shame! Let's see if Snoopy gets her fair share of a great event next year!

  3. I saw the name Snoopy!!! Wheee!!! I love Snoopy!!! My favourite beagle. OK, back to my comment. How come you didn't snap more photos of the dogs and the events that's running on that day?

    1. LOL wtheck XD

      I was busy chilling out and my phone ain't so camera friendly due to defect T.T so I rather save my time and hassle. Plus, I'm not too much of a fan in snapping dog pictures unless I have a good camera, so I didn't do much snapping around.

      As for the event, its pretty much the same every year and as ex-organizer, a little lazy wanna snap XD. Maybe next year with a good camera and mood as well!