Friday, April 18, 2014

Buffetting : CM Day 6

The last day in the Elephant Nature Park, seemed surreal. One end I totally wished it went fast so I can meet T; another just creeps me from inside because there is so much more to learn! We had a footcare specialist over, named Alan Roocroft coming over all the way across to globe to aid in advising and suggesting improvements to the park. Although he is very knowledgeable, and there's so much to learn from him I'm sure, I pretty much only get like dusts from him today because of the time of contact we had.

The day was pretty much the same on the morning and afternoon; the treatment for the usual ones, like Mae Lae Tong, Mae Tee, Jampang; while in the training wall we had Boon Ma, Lucky, Danny, Bae Long.

What was different today from the other days is the input we have from Alan. A person with 51 years of experience, Alan definitely have brought in plenty streaks of new light into our practice. Dr Erica, in the footwork who is usually uncertain of her extent of work because of the limited the knowledge access now knows how far she can go while working with the feet. The behavioral part of the elephants was also extremely important. The gait of the elephant, how to work around the elephant in ways like:

1- Chaining the elephant. Chains should have their tension put again the pin, not the chain lock itself so more pressure can be withstood
2- Stand and work closer to the chained side of the elephants. The other side which is unchained will induce a more formidable impact when the elephants attack in aggression.
3- Slowly tame the elephant into doing what you wish them to do with food. An example woulkd be making en elephant to lie down. Start off with a small hill of sands, slowly and remove the sandpile once it is good enough to get the elephants to lay down completely.
4- When positioning the leg of the elephant, place them higher in the bar. Animals will find it harder to remove their leg when positioned higher, as compared to little or close to effortless when placed lower in the bars.
5- Filing the toes of the elephant, let it be tear drops on equal side, both originating from the center of the toe.

I could have learned more if I had more time with them, but, well, something else was calling. Working with the vet and trainer team has defiinitely became one of the best experiences I ever had. Coming back, may be in my list one day.

Later on the day I've finally met T. The whole meeting was very personal, and those who want to know, you know how to get to me.  

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