Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Buffetting : STC Volunteering

The new equestrian club position took its toll on me when I had to at least participate in most events taken in by the club.

The latest one is on the International Horse Show 2014 organized by Selangor Turf Club.

It's a toll, but it's not exactly a problem or anything close to that.

I would love to volunteer in the show, but being the president some how makes it an extra burden.

Even more when you need to live up to the name as the president.

I'm not the best horseman out there, trust me. I barely know the anatomy of the horse except of its limbs and its gut inside. Maybe its reproductive anatomy.

But its temperament, the signs of its lips, its ears, its eyes, its body gesture is still a puzzle for me to be placed into pieces.

The worst is tacking up the horse.

The session began with me doing multiple mistakes.

I don't even remember which side the cloth needs to be. The position of the saddle itself. Heck, which saddle is for dressage, which is for jumping was mind boggling.

Dressage saddles have longer knee roll and deeper seat with lesser cushion and usually is more squarish of the backseat;

while Jumping saddles have shorter knee roll and shallower seat with more cushion, and usually is more circular of the backseat.

There's a multi-purposed seat which is the combination of both: long knee roll as well as a rounded seat.

So yea, I was pretty much screwed.

I wasn't calm enough the horse; constantly making huge movements while the lady who was giving us the training constantly had to remind me.

I really didn't know which part of the girth goes to which nor which holes to fit; or whether the saddle is right size for the horse.

I felt like an idiot in the whole session because I really didn't know about a single shit, while everyone else was hoping that the Mr President would know his stuffs.

And I didn't.

It's a shame.

The other parts of the training went well, but the whole session definitely scarred me a little on, am I capable enough in leading this club?

I'm doing something which I barely know anything about it. Literally. It's something that I've never done before.

And I still have virology and pathology to worry about tomorrow. Great.


  1. Oh pliss, no one expects Mr President to know everything, we're all first timers here~ (almost all of us)

    1. Everyone expect the President of an EQUESTRIAN club to know stuffs!

  2. Don't push yourself so harsh. To put yourself out there to learn hands-on without knowing anything is already an achievement! It's better than those people who pretend to know and act as if they're the best. You are humble enough to admit your lack of knowledge about horse and thus, you are willing to learn. We all make mistakes, don't worry. We learn from mistakes. Mistakes are our greatest teacher. HUGSSSS!!!!

    1. Why sudden;y change anime profile picture plak?

      It's just something I don't really like to be in; the unknowing. If I know I would need to not know, I will be fine. But that situation really needed me to be knowledgeable at least for the club I lead. Mistakes being one, not knowing is definitely another.

      Maybe I'm pushing too hard. But just maybe I didn't do enough homework too.

    2. Why change to anime profile pic? Bored of that yellow flower. Hahaha... and after my Japan trip, I'm changed. Hahaha... ewah! No lah, just thought of changing and I always find anime character's pic cute and nice but never found the one I like. I was lucky to have found this one that I like so use lor. Haha...

    3. tsk tsk tskkkkkkkkkkk you disloyal fella