Friday, June 27, 2014

Buffetting : Drama in the farm

So we didn't want to actually be on the same group in our 2nd farm practical with a particular girl, Gaga.

Or  at least, I didn't.

I'm a dude who is really cool with girls, REALLY.

I can be your sister, brother, father,husband, temporary boyfriend; you name it I can jam it.

Until, you step on the wrong line.

Our last farm practical with her, wasn't particular pleasant to me.

Everything was chillax until the transport issue came in.

Look, we are friends, if we are THAT close, one would know some decency around me.

If we AREN'T that close, more decency would be expected.

What she did was, she wasn't intelligent enough to settle the transport issue with her family without me driving or around. How insulted one would feel when she was the one actually asking for help, and all 4 other person had to accommodate her ways?

If you come from a single child family; deal with working around people and compromise.

What she did, was when we have decided to use route A; she talked to her family as if we forced it on her when the plan didn't work out for her liking. Look, there are 4 of us against you; we are nice enough to send you to the doorstep of your boyfriends' house. The least you could do is tell your family it is fine, we will use route A and I will be fine.

And talking on the phone about my driving while I was driving? NO.

So that was the previous practical; we made it a point to avoid being in the same group with her for this current practical at ALL cost.
milk time~ 

But it happened.

So today, Gaga, to my dismay decided to go back home again. From my understanding, the sole reason she chose this farm is so that she can go home on weekends.

I was like, screw you bitch. Practical time, stay in the farm and do what others do. If you wanna do what you like, you ain't gonna be on my parade.

Anyway, so tonight she's decided to go home, with her mom.

As we are trying to build good rapport with the vet, we were discussing when to bring her out. So we were talking and thinking that tonight may be the best time.

G: So when are you bringing the doctor out?

T: I was thinking of today. Since you will be out with the family and the car will be lighter, it would even be easier for the Dr to fit into my car.

*awkward silence while the other girls stared at me with disbelief*

I was, blunt. That was what I meant literally.

With people I don't care of, I really just snipe.

The girls thought I was too blunt; you?


  1. What? Talking about your driving skill on the phone while you are driving? OMG! That's so rude! Wait... is your skill that bad until she feels so insecure meh? Kick her out from your car lah! What else? She chose that farm just because she could go home on weekends? OMG! She's so pampered like a little princess that cannot handle hard work and she wants to become a vet? Throw a goat to her face lah!

    1. Well, some vet related work can seem glamorous to a lot of people. Let's not go there.

      She's, a pain in the ass for me. But my groupmates did ask me to be a little more patient, and don't implode on her too instantaneously in the mean time hahaha.

      Until she steps on my line again.

      PS: my driving has no problem. It was the whole planning process that she was kinda implying on, but beggars can't be choosers!

  2. OMG felt a stab there ahem ahem maybe we shouldn't be talking about ur driving when you were driving too hahahahaha ́cough cough́

    But in all seriousness I know what you mean, some people are spoiled la, and they always learn it the hard way to deal with things and people after everyone left them.

    1. HMPH!!! My driving is FINE. You and you know who needs to have a bigger gall bladder!

      It's so idiotic because one would know the ways around social circles after so long in the university. Apparently some never worked.