Saturday, December 6, 2014

Buffetting : Speculating

With the amount of meetings and activities from the current presidency I'm holding, I can barely stay longer than 3 days at home without having the need to get back to the university.

If I were to be a sucker president, probably I can stay more than 3 days; but I am not.

Mom finally acknowledged my role as a veterinary student, no longer pressuring me with "you should have studied medicine" issue.

More news on the issues with the Malaysian health system in the coming years will probably enlighten her more.

And the fact that veterinary medicine actually based out from human medicine; for which I know almost all the physiology and anatomy of human similarly in prescribing drugs and dealing with signs and symptoms probably even balance out the odds of her biased opinion.

Saying this, I'm now much more determined to change the views of the public opinion in Malaysia on veterinarian's roles in the society in the future.

And mom asked and speculated if I'm actually seeing someone(or some girl) in the university grounds because of my frequency in going back to the university.

I denied it of course; only to have a good thought about it.

I'm not the best looking guy;
I'm not the smartest guy;
I'm not the richest guy;
I'm not the most charming guy;
I'm not the most patient guy;
In fact I have so many flaws I can barely count them with my fingers alone;

Which girl in the right mind would want to be with me?

As of now I'm probably having an extremely LSE(low self esteem) issue, I wouldn't be able to actually go and get into a relationship or even flirt; let alone be with another person.

I guess mom didn't see that in me.

That aside, an episode of drama popped out in the club again.

Apparently a person who volunteered to make print outs for the workshop tomorrow didn't do it; she couldn't hear what the instruction was because she was out whole day in a very busy and noisy dance event.

I was pissed off because all she had to do was to say she can't do it, I could have take up matters my own and settle in hours before the meeting. I was dumbfounded when I saw her coming towards the table without any printouts.

It's just hard to get a reliable workforce these days.

I don't even mind if she'd asked me to do it instead if she were to be busy. It sure hell is less much of a problem that her making us staying up all night cleaning up after her mess for she didn't manage to do her part.

Its a good thing these girls are really good to work with in practicals.

Or maybe I'm just expecting too much?

I believe in a good workforce means to give solution, not to create problem.

She just became a huge source of problem.

If you can't work, don't even bother.

I just hope I wouldn't be meeting people like this when I own a business or a working team in the future.


  1. If someone likes you, that person doesn't need a reason to. Hahaha... same goes when you like someone... ahem... you don't come out with a reason first, you just like, the feelings come first, then only you try to find the logic. As for the girl who didn't do her job, well, you will see lots of different types of people in the society when you're in the working field. Some are worse than what you got from her.

    1. Pffft; there's always a reason okay. Feel might come first, but it takes more than just feel to decide to be with the person for the rest of your life; the qualities you would want to embrace.

      That girl; I do understand that. But it doesn't give anyone any excuse. If I were the boss, I would just fire them,