Thursday, May 1, 2014

Buffetting : ODEC 2014

The newly formed Equestrian Club in UPM managed to pull the strings within 4 weeks to host the very 1st Open Day Equestrian Club 2014 today.

Although being just the invitation exco, I'd pretty much did so much more for the club and the whole event.

1- Painting the stable
2- Publicizing
3- Preparing Biodata
4- Being a laborer one way or another

I swear I've been into the Equine unit more frequently than I enter a lab this whole week.

A little drama on my jobscope, but everything went well.

The expectation of the crowd was pretty minimal, yet it turned out to be quite bustling throughout the day from 9am up till 12pm. It was, really unexpected because of the time span we had to prepare and publicize.

Nevertheless, it has been a great day. It was really fun educating the public, and even our own faculty's students on how to handle a trained horse.

The horse-back riding was really popular among the visitors, while the feed we prepared was also sold out.

I guess the whole event was fun for me because I get to do the education part to the public. People tend be extremely wary around animals, but the truth is domesticated, trained animals are much easier to deal with, as long as we know how to pull the ropes.

I somehow feel that equestrian is another undermined calling which resurfaced after my Chiang Mai trip.

"Elephants and horses are the same. It's all about the footwork. No foot, no horse, no elephant"; said Dr Erica Ward.

True enough, this is obviously a sign for me to stay more in the equestrian part of the play.

I want to learn skills to know how to deal with horses; as well as application for elephants.

Who knows, I might be the next Dr Erica Wards.

I guess I never really did consider equestrian before, but I should just put in a little more effort now since its something which I will need in the future.
and a great friend is made; or 2. meet Pandora, the horse; and my partner in crime for the event.

All in all, ODEC 2014 was pretty successful and fun. Did fix my interest on the equine field for now.

Readers who wish to have a visit to the equine unit, you can always drop me an email~

On the side note, watching the recent Spiderman movie totally jolted the relationship with me and T.

"Wherever you go, I will follow you. It is my choice"- Peter Parker to Gwen Stacy.

I was thinking about T all the time in the movie.

The kissing scene, the ground-rules scene, the Oxford scene.

It was just about the same thing I will be facing in the near future with T.

When we separate our paths, will we be still doing LDR?

Or will we opt to end it?

Will T be the Gwen or will I be? It was a headwrecker during the whole movie, really.

I miss the kisses, I miss it when T touches my cheek while driving, I miss T staring in my eyes.

I miss T.

But I'm sure I'm doing a bang up job distracting myself for the whole week.

Now that all the work and drama has ended, the next post will be on the stage drama I was involved.


  1. sigh, distance. I feel ya bro.

    Hahaha equestrian club is so posh man!


      You haven't seen posh, its turf clubs!