Sunday, May 4, 2014

Buffetting : It's a Marathon

Talked to Queen last night about all we have missed in each other's life.

She's finally made it clear with her useless baby-sitting-required ex of her, diplomatically.

Which is good, because she deserve so much more.

While talking about T it is so obvious that the whole sacrifice thing is lopsided.

I at some point give up in trying to seek attention.

This is a different type of relationship than the one I imagined for my first love, but well, who am I to complain right?

I am all for the marathon, but as of now I give up in trying to get T's attention.

I have dignity.


  1. LDR is like this bro, keep it up you can do it <3 <3

    1. UGH! It's so different from my friends' LDR man, like they totally feel that somebody should give a little more timeeee