Friday, May 9, 2014

Buffetting : Obsolete

Today is just a day which happened to be great, but I still do not feel a tinge of happiness in me:

1- My class ended earlier, and I hung out with the usual people. But it was just a simple lunch without much chance to talk about stuffs.

2- My free afternoon had to be replaced by a meeting; one which made me YET another club president. This time, with horses. I'm now the President of the Equestrian Club UPM. It's like, I don't know. I am totally unsure on how should I even respond to this.

3- The night was spent with Second Chances and Little Boss. The dinner down Petaling street was fun, managed to snap some pictures with the Blackbird Fly until a few pedestrians were staring on my gesture. Dinner was great, managed to find places to get souvenirs if T would need any in the future.

Until I came back to the room and found out my lecturer actually posted about the test syllabus, without even bother to go through me. I felt, obsolete.

Really, what is the point of being a course representative if you have to hailer the test scopes over the social media? It really made me feel like totally obsolete as a course representative.

It's a good thing I'm ending the semester soon, and stepping down. Diplomacy is something really taxing on me mentally to be honest, though I don't mind working with those to keep up to their dignity.

Another note would be, I realized T is much of a attention whore more than I do,probably. The mission to seek for "likes" and "comments" over the social media seemed, to be what T is hoping for; over talking about things with me.

I guess its just the way things are? I'm probably over analyzing.

With a position of a club president over another 2 more semesters, I should totally get myself more busy than think about T all the time now.


  1. With a new responsibility comes new learning opportunities! =)

    1. I guess so? It's a great platform to learn something totally new and out of my league, but I'm just hope I get to enjoy life just a little bit more