Monday, May 19, 2014

Buffetting : Comfort Food

With response to the dai lou, Calvin's post on the Top 10 comfort food, here's mine:

In non particular order:

1- Curry or Rendang (chicken, beef,mutton, pork, any meat out there)

Nothing beats a piping hot curry or rendang served with fragrant rice or bread! Best goes with a good sambal, or a flooded in banana leaf rice. The best nasi lemak I have always loved is the one from opposite Shell in SS15, Subang Jaya sold by a makcik in a maroon van, daily except Mondays and Thursdays

2- Mac and Cheese

The homemade ones are even more satisfying because of the amount of milk, cream, cheese and other dairy goodness you get to calibrate by your own! One sinful bite into your mouth, let the calories be histories!

3- Chocolate Layer Cake

not the spongy types, but the fudgy-thick, dense and rich type with generous layers of chocolate ganache in the middle. So far, the one which made me remember till today was the Holiday Villa's Dark Chocolate Cake; which is the exact one I love.

4- Siew Mai

Somehow I've developed this affinity for this line of dim sum for a long long time. A good siew mai is hard to come by because of the disproportion of flour and pork the manufacture make these days. The ones which caught my attention were from Kam Xuan outlets and the hawker from Kuchai Lama on the way to NSK beside the road; and the hawker near the Puchong Tesco hawker center. 

5- Sashimi

Rakuzen will be the stop I go all the time. The Salmon Sashimi Zen set is only RM30 but with generous slices of salmon(about 5?) topped with a hearty bowl of rice; plus chawan mushi, side dish and miso soup. I love tuna too, but salmon is more economical. Services are fine and if you were to go to the SS15 and Pyramid outlet with me, you might even get complimentary dessert too!

6- Shabu-shabu

Nothing beats a buffet of meat coming in non-stop! There are few outlets like Shabu2 King in Seri Kembangan, Sukiya in Paradigm and Mid Valley, Sukishi in IOI is okay; but the previous 2 are the really good ones! Chicken, lamb, beef and pork all sliced in good thickness melting in your mouth in a good broth~ Man that's good! On the side note, hometown steamboat has definitely dropped into my favorite list because of the pumpkin porridge and affordable price they provide!

7- Rice dumpling aka Tang Yuan or Dango

Somehow, this oriental confectionery have a special place in my heart. Be it the ones with filling, the ones without in red bean soup, the one covered in different flavors; it doesn't matter. As long as it is edible, it comforts my heart and keep it in peace. 

8- Steamed Peanuts, lots of them

I remember Carrefour in SS16, Subang Jaya used to sell them for RM2.00/100g and they were so good. Sweet and soft, the little explosion in the mouth from the juices of the natural peanuts was so awesome. Now, its no longer that available; while the hawkers by the commercial banks and rest houses do not deem the stall its justice. 

9- Custard Apple

Finally a fruit to join the family! Natural and green, the sweetness of the fruit bursting in your palates while you dig into the cortex is just heavenly! Be sure it let it get ripened with the softness of the fruit as its gauge. Once the skin tears off with a little grasp, its good to go into your tummy. Chilling it will make the whole tasting process much satisfying! PS: Do not confuse yourself with soursop, although they have similar texture but different taste

10- Ice Cream

Any kind, any place, any flavor; though I have locked my favorite list down to Matcha Ice from Shojikiya; vanilla from Sunny Hills in Kuching; Red Bean potong from King's; and Rum Raisin from Baskin Robbins which has sadly been banned; and good ice cream is so hard to come by these days

I would add Big Apple donuts and Red wine of any sort in the list; but these are much more conventional and economic to come by. I have yet to get my first red wine spent; while donuts are just crazily high calorific to indulge into.


  1. How dare you show me curry and rendang at this hour? Dammit! I shouldn't have come here at this hour. LOL... urgh! I love siew mai too. Hey, I also go to Kam Xuan at Kuchai Lama for dim sum leh. Basically, I love the whole dim sum feast. Penang has really good and cheap ones but you must know where. Hahaha...

  2. You showed me your MAC AND CHEESE AT THAT WEE HOUR TOO LO!!!!

    Kam Xuan is really good I have to say, so far none has managed to be on par on most of its dishes; and the price too hahaha

    Penang, come la lets go lets go! You bring me around! Or I ask my ji muis to show me around for good ones muahahahahh

  3. WE CAN BE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS! I love xiu mai, literally addicted to it and MAC AND CHEESE!!!!! OMg Sashimi and rendang <3 hahaha my malay friend actually looked at me in amusement when i last told him i want to eat rendang he had to remind me "it's a festive dish" hahaha

    1. LOLOL These are comfort food not staple food ya!!!! Rendang is so NOT a festive dish please! Kurma is, but rendang can be staple if we want it to be! There are quite a number of good food else too, but these 10 are like, boomz