Monday, May 26, 2014

Buffetting : Gen-now

Thai class today was fun, and a little stressful because we talked about relationships and marriages.

When it came to my turn, I was frank enough to blurt out; 1 ex.

The reaction was, "good boy" kind of thing; while I tried my best not to reveal the identity and the nationality of T. The teacher got it right on, but I brushed it off with a no, just to retain the main goal of my interest studying Thai.

Then we moved on to the married ones.

Apparently the 2 other classmates of mine both got married due to pre-marital pregnancy; something really familiar here.

The guy, M had a 6 years relationship before he knocked his wife up, and then get married.

The lady. N had a 3 years relationship before she got knocked up, but somehow divorced later due to issues.

It came to me now that, pre-marital sex is just getting more common; and people are obligated to marriage by the pregnancy.

I have nothing against pre-marital sex; but they should have done a better job in preventive.

Then it came to the young naive me, when both of the classmates bashed me with "future play-boy look" and "it will be your turn soon" comments.

I was asked if I would think of marriage. I said, after 30, then its plausible.

I do look forward to some consensus and acknowledgement of a life-long relationship with my future other-half, really. A simple, non-lavish with our loved ones will do the job.

I do look forward for kids, surrogacy and dictatorship raising up of kids.

I do look forward spending the rest of my life, waking up everyday and sleeping into the night with someone who mutually care for me by my side of the bed.

I'm not living the exquisite lavish life now, but I'm pretty sure I will do fairly average for my living in the future; with another half.

Pre-marital pregnancy obviously doesn't affect me; no matter how other relatives speak about how "careful" I need to be after my sister's fiasco; which will be talked in the later posts.

What I yearn now is, get my own career and be on my own feet; but a steady, matured and good earning other half in the 30s, would certainly fish me up now too.


  1. I know right. It's like a trend now. People are getting married not because of love or not because they are ready mentally and emotionally to build a family together. People nowadays get married because they have to due to the baby inside. Sigh... what is going on with this world? Is there not enough condom available? They can't afford? A condom can just prevent all these unnecessary sudden expenditure on marriage, banquet, photoshoot, bridal gown, suit, etc.

    1. Apparently accidents do happen, and well condom is not 100% childproof. Maybe some should have used spemicide or extra contraceptives to actually prevent all these issues.

      Premarital sex is fun, but people should learn more to protect themselves if they wish to be adults and be a responsible one.

      Marriage today deemed shorter because of situations instead of readiness of the pair. Same goes to relationships. The condition of attraction is now more phreromonic and tends to be shorter because the need and will to keep a relationship long is not as strong as the previous gens.


  2. YES TO MARRIAGE <3 <3 <3 LOLLLL other people who thinks marriage = end of freedom can go away.

    1. Lol. We need to think of a place to get it official though! Never in Malaysia hahah

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