Monday, April 21, 2014

Buffetting : Untangled

I'm pretty sure I'm overly attached to T now, given I can't stop thinking about the times we had, and the ones we are about to have if I managed to plan any.

I've decided to make a bold move, which is to revert the friend status of T's in the social media from Close Friends to Friends only.

I think this move would give me more space to live without trying to stalk or hog T's life too much, so much to almost put it into under "scrutiny".

On the side note, I've un-favorite a few of my close friends too, just to give ourselves some time; and more time for myself.

Being attached is one thing, getting attached is another. I AM getting attached, way over the line; because it is affecting my life, just a little.

I need to get things back into order.

I have dreams with T. But I'm not certain if it would be reciprocated.

I can see a future, but I'm struggling really badly right now just to fit the whole picture into a right frame. It's definitely not healthy.

I'm clouded right now. It is high time for me to readjust my radars and set back into the right course. I have my own dreams to chase. Get focused, and get moving.

As for now, get good grades, contacts to various places, and conquer the world. With or without T.

I think,


  1. the unfavourite and un close friend idea of yours is pretty good actually, my facebook is clogged with notifications.

    Anyway <3 <3 <3 still jeolous you have a Thai bf

    1. Haha, the Ldr is nooooo fun at all. It's killing from the inside for the image floating in my head all the time, while studying for reproduction lectures ain't exactly at its best right now with those images lol.

      Jealous? It wasn't my first intention, but life sometimes just surprises you in different ways. Just don't think too much I guess?

  2. why struggling to fit it in? just let it be for now and fit bit by bit. dont try to force it. over time, the edge will change a bit and u be able to fit =)

    1. I sure hope so. As of now it's really me being just overly attached. I'm pretty sure the feelings are mutual, I guess I just wish more time can be spent in a day; heck even in a week

  3. Nampaknya, ada orang (looking at you) sudah kena racun cinta. Wahahaha...

    1. Tak nak lahh kena racun niiii. Padahal budak tu yang ngorat kat saya, kenapa pulak saya kena "miss" dia pulak?! Ish tak betul lah logic iniiii

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