Sunday, April 6, 2014

Buffetting : CM Day 1

Today has been arguably one of the craziest day in my life walking around.

I walked from the airport to my guest house, taking about 30 minutes to 45 minutes; excluding the gps navigation problems.

I walked from my guest house to the office of the camp, which was non existence in the original address on the website, hence another trip.

I walked from the non-existence office to the existence office of the camp, only to know it was closed although it was stated operating from Monday to Sunday. Anyhow, I got to know the location, and I will definitely need a songthaew for it tomorrow morning.

I walked back to the old town, trying to get the decent massage parlor. To my surprise, I found an old uncle who had great skills in traditional Thai massage to relief all my sores from all the walking around. 300 bahts was worth the price, because the ladies in the usual parlors wouldn't be able to pull of his strength. Great chat with him, though my Thai really needs more brush up.

I walked around the Sunday street market, snapped several pictures but only to realize I don't want to eat anything adventurous before my camp. It's dangerous to be adventurous, at least for now. Maybe when T is around to bring me.

I walked back to my guest house again, with several bumps into different routes because my gps decides to pull tricks on me.

I'm pretty sure I pulled off at least 20Km today by walking around aimlessly with a weirdly functioning gps in my phone. The sun burn, needless to say is crazy.

I did start off my day good though; bumping into my favorite lecturer while he is rushing off to UMK for lectures I presume; great flight with good looking flight attendants; great touchdown with little time spent on looking for the guesthouse.

The rest after that, prolly is an experience I wanted to have. Looking at Chiang Mai walking around by foot is definitely different.

On the side note, T is with the family in T's practical site. The guilt is kicking back, and I can't help to feel, neglected.

Gosh its the first day and we have yet to meet, I really shouldn't be depressed.

At any rate, this trip should be all about me, not T.

Looking forward to tomorrow's trip!


  1. Enjoy and I'm looking forward to u-know-what XD hahaha

    1. Haha, well, you will have to dig out to see about i-know-what then!

  2. yesss when T is around you do need to be adventurous *if you know what i mean*XD hahaha

    1. uhm, hahahah well, lets see how it goes