Saturday, April 19, 2014

Buffetting : CM Day 7

Songkran was a different thing for me, a Malaysian.

While I was hoping for more walking around like a crazy dude splashing others, T got me into a vending job with his friends.

On Saturday I was pretty upset because we had little time together, but like the whole big chunk was given to T's friends and everyone else.

Even towards the night, T had to leave back to the dorm earlier to get rest since the whole day has been crazy.

I was freaking tired too, but I don't mind spending more time. I got upset, but it took me less than 10 minutes to realize, T is very tired. Waking up, making sure I'm okay and well taken care of, I don't think I should impose anything on T anymore.

Saturday was pre-Songkran so the roads weren't as busy. Selling the hats and drinks were pretty crazy, but I think, stepping in T's circle of friends is pretty important. It makes me feel like I'm part of T's life, indeed the very important one too. The circle in their faculty is similar to ours; one news and the whole faculty knows- that closely-knitted.

I guess I shouldn't be upset spending time with T's friends, since it actually means I'm at least one step ahead in getting approved and being part of T's life in the future, if I were to be going at T's for good?

Saturday started with a trip to the temple, then to the old city for vending duties, and ended with a crazy buffet with T and T's friends.

I would say, I have learned a lot more about T this trip, and I'm extremely glad we actually did what we did today. At least I can learn about T not just through our interaction, but the real T together with the friends too. It's definitely something I truly treasure and appreciate, for T to allow me to be part of this life.

We had little close to no time together today, but it was, a great day.

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