Saturday, November 2, 2013

Buffetting : T-wooing

Well I guess I have came to a stage in my life, when, well, relationship kicks in.

I was watching Charmed the other day when I see how wooing goes, and I feel like there's this weird lack in wooing interaction between me and T.

Maybe both of us are way too far from each other for the wooing to work.

Somehow I feel like I'm doing most of the wooing.

T is busy, while I'm pretty free this semester. But what happens in the following semesters? When I step into clinical years. Will we juggle more? Or as always we wait till there and then for things to settle themselves?

I'm still hoping on T to take more initiative though. The wooing, well, didn't happen much. Maybe because I'm easily satisfied by little things, especially just T's self-pictures. 1 can just make my day; or maybe T is just not free or creative enough.

I only start getting a little picky, like now. When I'm free and thinking logically. Maybe I should not do so to reduce the tendency of me being so picky.

But wooing strategies. Hmm, its definitely an art. Trying to know T more is pretty hard because of our different background, and the distance. So far I've only had hand-drawn wishes. At least that I can do. There are plans for Christmas presents, birthday presents, new year presents etc; but its not like an active thing.

Maybe I should custom-make one volleyball since T is a super fan.

Or custom-made goggles.

Or maybe its because I'm not earning yet.

Any wooing strategies to share?


  1. you should buy the art of seduction book instead :D

    1. I'm not sexy enough, nor T is close enough to be physically seduced!

    2. you don't have to be physically seductive you know... Just buy the book and read and learn whatever useful tips given :P

    3. Got links to it? geez, I'm reading to be a seducer. How, uncanny is that for me to do

  2. Do whatever you wanna do and whatever T likes! I would share my wooing techniques but.. they're a trade secret, ya know what I mean?

    1. Bud, our tastes are like wAYYYYYY different! It's not like I can use them against your cup of teas, nor am I that of a pimp to go woo people around me!

      Whatever T likes? You mean keep asking me to lose my weight? I need something more romantic than that! It's like, haha sports romance.