Thursday, November 21, 2013

Buffetting : Take notes

People who are in a relationship probably can relate.

There's so many dates to remember, and so many gifts to prepare for the other one in so many different dates!

It's like one after another, and man I'm going to run out of ideas soon.

Check out the list:
1- Christmas. T doesn't celebrate, never did. I'd figure I would be the first to inspire, despite the fact that I'm a Buddhist. Won the Uniqlo HEATTECH challenge with veterinary reasons, while T being one of the future vets. Navy colored crew neck. Bet T looks super hot in it.

2- Birthday. Like just a month past Christmas! I'd figure handmade birthday cards? Or a personalized lanyard? Or just maybe a handmade wallet of the favorite sport of T, volleyball.

3- Valentine's. Omgosh our first one. MY first one I might add. Chocolates? Probably melted across the sea. The handmade card would probably do the trick now. Was thinking of customized cup; but picture of what? Me? Eww, no.

4- Songkran. Thailand's new year! I guess the present would be me wrapped in my rugged state post-volunteering in the elephant camp next April. Really, that would be enough no?

Zoomed up for 5 months at least, but at least those dates are tracked right?


  1. Godiva online have a method to deliver their products oversea without melting it but you need to send directly to T's house,better contact those godiva fellas at their website first...

  2. OMG GODIVA?!!! That's like, killer expensive kinda product lolol