Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Buffetting : Not Nice

I'm not that nice, I guess.

The thing is, I'm a very, demanding person I guess? So and so to an extend of a demanding lover.

I guess being a Leo, the attention seeking part is pretty intense.

The attention span of T gets lesser by the day, and I swear I could have suggested us to have a scheduled LIne session daily seeing how, busy we can get.

So and so when I was browsing through the social media, W came into the picture.

I met W too in the conference, and W was my group's facilitator. We had some chats over the tea breaks and we managed to be friends over the social media, seeing how W even turned off the setting to search for the profile.

We sometimes comment on each others' posts, but everything is harmless.

Until today, when the thought of :

"If W really asks, I might even say yes."

I think I'm a bad, very very bad lover. I can't even be loyal to a relationship, well at least that's how I feel.

This article on "Love is for the partner, not you" really bit me, but Pete knows why am I this fickle-minded.

Maybe I need a MAJOR DISTRACTION to keep myself occupied and loyal to T. Gosh, is this the first strike?

Man, I'm freakin out.


  1. Tom Cruise in the pic is nice...but the thought about w is definitely not nice,that's what i called godaan syaitan,XD
    don't think too much,just focus on how to improve things between you and T

  2. Tell me about it haha. But I don't know where my confidence come from lol. After a good sleep I'd figure I'm a really bad boy lol. Yes, definitely need to give T more time and more space or I will suffocate both of us.