Saturday, November 9, 2013

Buffetting : Just peservere

In the midst of test 2 preparation, which I will be doomed with if I don't resume my discoveries on the hind limbs of 5 different species, I managed to talk to Bimbo about, me and T.

Well, the idea is to take things, slow.

Was cautioned to not easily give my heart out, without knowing the person.

True enough, but as of now, I think both me and T assumed that we have found the right person to develop a relationship, regardless how close we are.

It's pretty different from the conventional; 
1- get to know
2- dates to know even more
3- then get to together

Ours is more like;
1- let's get together
2- struggle to know more
3- but let's stay sweet

Hmm, its pretty hard because we've gone past the "let's get to know before getting together" stage down to a pair now. 

The part on uncertainty kills me, because its not how I lived my life up till today. 

Bimbo said the same thing as Best Bud, maybe its not the time to put in too much in this yet, because we have only known other that much.

But on the other hand, my head rings harder; why not put in all I can to make things work? We can't predict but can mold the future. I want to mold this one with T. 

The anesthetics on putting in the magnitude of care and time is pretty hard; to have enough to develop this yet not overtax myself or overdoing it for T only.

However, I've decided to take the April trip to Chiang Mai. I really want to do that, for the both of us. Bimbo mentioned on not to expect T to do as far as coming over to me, which I don't, but I would really want to go all out.

In the name of practicals and knowledge attainment of course.

It's sports day in T's university now, you cannot imagine how different things are between our universities. It make mine seemed, so trivial. It's just inter-college sports. Dinggg.


T keeps on mentioning there's a pre-climax and climax sports day haha! Gosh, it sounded so, erotic with the lack of eloquence. 

I guess I should get back to digestive system and locomotor now.

PS: Has anyone realized how amazingly sexy Tom Hiddleston is in real life? Gravitified down to earth too! His suave, his moves, his attitude. I can't believe the girlfriends said I'm there without his dance moves only.


  1. Replies
    1. And I sound so blind? hahah oh well, I guess this is what they call "love is blind"

      I did analyze this whole situation, and I came into conclusion that, as crazy as I am over T, I still do benefit from all the processes I go through. If love is about embracing 2 person and making them better, we are definitely heading that way. XD

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