Thursday, October 10, 2013

Buffetting : Multitasking

A junior mentioned that I'm pretty much everywhere in the faculty, doing multiple tasks at once.

But somebody out there might beg to differ when I'm not being able to book a venue for a stupid talk due to my stupid identity as a VC in the cultural club.

Anyway, 1st runner up for my very first sports event of the year. Intercollege squash competition

I had to hit the painkillers to play today, for my first game totally thrashed my lower back on Tuesday, talk about pre-marital make out disorder. Kinda worried since this has persisted for a long time, it some how WILL influence, one way or another of the, well intimate part of my life.

Hopefully tomorrow's test I can score with flying colors.

Speaking of which, I wonder T would do the same; staying up for me while I study till late night 2am like what I did for T.

Well, I'm pretty much a bad boy for making T to suffer; on the other hand there's a call saying "T should totally be with me man!"

Back to cardiac output!


  1. Having your BF around while studying can be a very naughty distraction

  2. Hahaha I wonder we have actually, or be able to go over to that extend. He's the really typical good T next door hahaha